The Life of Maxime Rafailovitch

by Maxime Rafailovitch

 I was born in Warsaw and lived there until the Germans ordered the building of the Ghetto.  I escaped to the Russian  zone, to the little town of Ruzany, Belarus.  My family perished in the Holocaust. 
The whole story is very terrible.  I don't see anything redeeming, only desperation.  I understand that the younger generation may see it differently.
In the horrible camp of Wolkowysk, Belarus, I met Chaim Katz from Piaski.  He is mentioned in the Piesk web. [note: the Necrology from a Yizkor book on the Yizkor site].  We made our escape from the camp together.  Some time later I joined a Russian partisan group and eventually, joined the  army again.
I deserted the army in 1946, and made my way west to work and study in Paris where my parents had relatives.  I came to New York in 1958.

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