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This is one of a several cards my father's first cousin Wiera Pupko (1907 - 1989)  saved from 1941.  Her father was my granduncle Isaac Pupko, born in Lida.  He worked in the family timber brokering business, which was headed by his older brother Gerson Pupko (1861 - 1940), my grandfather.  Somewhere around 1900, much of the family relocated to Vilnius.  After World War I, fearing that Lithuania was bound to be swallowed up by the Soviet Union sooner than later, Gerson moved the head office to Warsaw.  Isaac and his family moved, too.  Wiera went to Belgium, where she studied vocational counseling, but her parents were trapped in Warsaw.  She last heard from them in August 1941.

Pictures of the Isaac Pupko Family

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