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ILITOWITZ, SORECH, 22 year old male, single, joiner, from Lida, Russia, on the S.S. Maasdam, sailing from Rotterdam on October 10, 1898, and arrived at the Port of New York in October 1898.  Ticket paid by brother, had $2.00.  Never in U.S. before.  Going to join brother, S. Ilitowitz, 300 Cherry St., NY.

KENIGSBERG, LEIB, 54 year old male, widower, teacher, along with
KENIGSBERG, HELENOR-LAJA, 19 year old female, single, householder, with KENIGSBERG, ELRA, 23 year old female, single, householder, on S.S. Berengaria, sailing from Cherbourg on October 27, 1923, and arrived at the Port of New York.  All able to read and write Polish.  All Polish nationality, Hebrew race, last permanent residence Lida, Poland.  Left sister/aunt, Mrs. LEJA STANIECKAJA in Lida ul. Swalska 29 Poland.  Had ticket to final destination paid by brother/uncle.  Had $75.00 at Cherbourg but reduced to $48.00 at New York.  Never in U.S. before.  Going to join brother & as rabbi to Congregation Benei: Mr. Kenigsberg Drode ave. 938 Chicago, Illinois.  All 5' tall with brown complexion, grey/dark hair, dark/grey eyes.  All born in Lida, Poland.

KOSLOWITZKY, RODEL, female, age 30, married with children
KOSLOWITZKY, TACHNE, female, age 4 1/2
KOSLOWITZKY, LEIBE, male, age 3, along with

LEWIN, SCHEINE, 18 year old female, single, seamstress, along with
LEWIN, PERESZ, 16 year old male, single, tailor, from Lida, Wilna, Russia, on the S.S. Noordam, sailing from Rotterdam, on July 10, 1902, and arrived at the Port of New York July 20, 1902.  Tickets paid by father, Louis Lewin, 17/23 East Broadway, New York, whom they were going to join.  Both were detained awaiting for the father to show up.  However, on July 21, at 2:25 p.m. after 2 breakfasts, 4 dinners, and 2 suppers, they were released to their brother, Morris, 176 Madison St.

LITOWITZ, HINDE, female, age 25, married with children
LITOWITZ, BEILE, female, age 2,
LITOWITZ, HERZ, male, age 6 months, all sailing together aboard the S.S. Barbarossa sailing from Bremen, Germany on June 24, 1905, and arrived at the Port of New York on July 6, 1905. Rodel, Scheine, Tachne, and Leibe Koslowitzky were going to join their husband/father, S. KOSLOWITZKI, at 320 Henry Street, New York City, New York.
Hinde, Beile, and Herz Litowitz was going to join their husband/father SAMUEL LITOWITZ who lived at Second and Bridge Sts., Trenton, New Jersey.

LITOWITZ, SCHIMEN, male, age 47, married, baker, sailing aboard the S.S. Bremen from Bremen, Germany, on May 23, 1903 and arrived at the Port of New York on June 2, 1903. He was going to join his brothers, Izik & Judel Litowitz, at 140 Monroe Street, New York City, New York.

SPOKOINY, HIRSCH, male, age 27, married, shoemaker, along with his wife, SPOKOINY, CZERNE, female, age 26, left his father, H. SPOKOINY, Lida, Gub. Wilno, and sailed aboard the S.S. Kursk, from Libau on August 19, 1913, and arrived at the port of New York on August 31, 1913, to join Hirsch's brother-in-law (Czerne's brother), B. LEWIN, who lived at 608 S. 15th Street, Newark, New Jersey.

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