Lida Brueder Unterstitzungs Verein

Thanks to Roslyn Greenberg , we have a copy of the program for the 1941 Golden Jubilee celebration of this Landsmanshaft.
We are attempting to get permission to reproduce an essay on the history of the LBUV.

Snapshot of the LBUV in 1941

Golden Jubilee Committee:
Dr. Mark Block, Chairman
E. Gober, Vice-Chairman
N. Schneider, Secy.
M.H. Stone, S. Wallach, S. Kashen, Ch. Israel, H.M. Littell, N. Johnson, Ph. Bliss, B. Levinson, Wm. Lippman

Board of Directors, 1941:
E. Gober, N. Schlossberg, Ch. Israel, S. Wallach, N. Schneider, Wm. Lyman, H.M. Littell, Alex Stock, Dr. M. Block, J. Grodzensky, Dr. D. Prince, J. Trachtenberg, Dr. E. Kaplan, I. Litowitz, S. Kashin, Benj. Levy, J. Karson, A. Levy, N. Johnson, M.H. Stone

Barney Levinson, President
Samuel Kashin, Treasurer;
Philip Bliss, VP
Jacob Trachtenberg, Financial Secy;
Mark H. Stone, Recording Secy.
Harry M. Littell, Treas. of old Age & Emergency Fund
Chas. Israel, Ex. Pres.
Nathan Johnson, Arr. Comm.
Nathan Schneider, Recording Secy.-Ar. Com
Mark Block, MD, Chairman of Arr. Comm.
Emanuel Gober, Vice Chairman;
William Lippman, Treas. of Loan Fund Com
Samuel Wallach, Arr. Comm.


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