An Overview of Lida Uezd

prepared for the Lida District Reseachers by BLITZ

General Lida community kahal information:
The Lida Jewish community was subject to the Grodno kahal (a self-governing institution of Jewish communities) starting in
1623. Under the Polish-Lithanian State (1569-1795), Lida was part of Vilno woewodstvo, an administrative unit of that era.  After Partition in 1795, Lida was governed by Russia. In 1796, Lida was the main district city, part of Slonim guberniya. In 1797, Lida was part of Vilna guberniya, a Lithuanian province.  In 1802, it was part of Grodno guberniya. In 1842, Lida was again part of Vilna province. After 1882, much of the population of the following settlements of Lida district was primarily Jewish:  Belitsa, Dvorsovaia Sloboda(1), Krasne, Novy Dvor, Orlia, Ostrino, Radun, Rozanka, Shchuchin, Vasilishki, Vilmonty(2), Voronovo, Zarechie(3), and Zaludok. After 1917, Lida was in Grodno Oblast.

Russian language newspaper resources available about Lida uezd from the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg (and probably in libraries in the US) for Jewish research in Lida uezd and Vilna guberniya:


Fond 1284 (Department of General Affirs in the Ministry of Internal Affairs), Inventory 224 (1893-1917): Jews residing outside the Jewish Pale and their emigration. Files contain information about certificates issued to Jews moving to Argentina (Files of the Central Committee of the Jewish Colonization Society). Other files: replacement of positions in local Jewish Colonization Society committees. Also, information about rent and purchase of land by Jews.

Fond 1284 (Department of General Affirs in the Ministry of Internal Affairs), Inventory189-90: Files converning real estate property owners, including land plots, of Jews and Polies in the western provinces of the Russian Empire (including Vilna province.)
      -Fond 1284, Inventory 189, files 127, 129 (1901):
        purchase of land plots in Lida uezd of Vilna guberniya according  to Emperor's Decree of 4 March 1899
      -Fond 1284, Inventory 189, files 125 A, B, V, G (1902-1905):  purchase of land plots in Lida uezd,
       Vilna guberniya according  to Emperor's Decree of 4 March 1899
      -Fond 1284, Inventory 189, files 50 (1902):  register of certificates of the right to purchase land plots in Vilna

Fond 821 (Department of Sacred Affairs for Foreign Religions in the Ministry of Interior Affairs), Inventory 8-11, 13, 133, 138, 150 (1853-1914): files with documents of Judaism and person of this faith including lists of synagogues, prayer houses, rabbis and other affiliated clergy from various Russian gubernii including Vilna gub.     Some files concern claims of various Vilna gub. residents about refusal to open synagogues, prayer houses, and cemeteries or the closing of those that previously existed. Claims about rabbinical or religious administration abuse. Election documents and confirmation of positions. Petitions of members of Jewish communities including signatures. Permission given to Jewish religious and charitable insitutions to receive properties (including real estate) donated or bequeathed by individuals.

Fond 821 (Department of Sacred Affairs for Foreign Religions in the Ministry of Interior Affairs), Inventory9 (1881-1883) has Vilna provincial commission work.

Fond 1565 (Central Committee of the Association for Approaching Equal Rights for Jews in Russia), Inventory 1, file 261 (1906):  correspondence with the Lida division of the Association concerning acitivies of the divison and the election in the State Duma. May contain lists of Jewish residents or other information.

Fond 1546 (Jewish Committee of Assistance to War Victims)

Fond 1292 (Compulsory Military service Administration in the Ministry of Interior Affairs) contains files concerning military
conscription in Vilna guberniya from 1860's to 1917. List of draftees and those who avoided conscription. Compiled annually. Inventory 4, File 12,  has 1882 Vilna guberniya information. Inventory 4, File 864 has 1891. Inventory 5, File 16 has 1898.

Fonds (Ministry of Finance) 573, 574, 575 have taxation information.

Fond 733 (Public Education), Inventories 97, 98, 189, 190 have information about the education of Jews in state colleges including Vilna educational district.

Further searching is possible in the Russian State Historical Archives in sections: Peoples (Jews); Industry; Joint Stock Companies; Revolutionary, Public and National Movements; and Personalities.

(1) The name of this town means "Palace Township", according to Alexander Sharon.  Dvozhyshche and Sloboda in Lida Uezd are about 5 miles apart.  It's possible that this unified name refers to something in that area. Back to text.
(2) We don't know where this locality is.  Back to text.
(3) "Zarechye" means "Over the River" according to Alexander Sharon.  There are quite a few towns of this name, but we have yet to find one in Lida.  A DM Soundex search of "Zarechie" also turns up "Surazh", of which there's one in Lida.  IN is not sure that a simple name like 'over the river' would be mangled from "Zarechie" to "Surazh". Back to text.

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