Testimony of Nat Kamen

This testimony was sent to the World Jewish Congress as part of a search to locate witnesses to war crimes committed in the Lida area, so that the perpetrators could be brought to trial in Germany.  The records of this search are now preserved at theJacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives in Cincinnati OH in File C210, boxes 3, 4 & 5.  Translation by Irene Newhouse

Page 121 of box C210, file 3 is a letter dated 27 Sept 1963,  from Nehemiah Robinson to Gerichtsassessor Messmer in Munich, in which he wrote:

"Nat KAMEN has testified that Windisch was "Chief of Staff" for Jewish Affairs in Lida & as such responsible for exterminating not only the Jews of Lida, but those of the surrounding towns, Voronovo, Radun, Ivye & Zhetl. Crimes were committed by the local Gendarmerie in addition to the members of the Regional Commissariat.  Among other things, members of the local Gendarmerie tortured the Judenrat to death because of allegations they'd given false identity papers to refugees from Vilnius.  The first mass murder was on 8 May 1942; shootings took place until 17 Sept 1943."

On page 133, a letter dated 13 August 1963, to the prosecutor's office in Munich,  Nehemiah Robinson said that the World Jewish Congress has received Nat KAMEN's testimony, and that the murder of the Judenrat occurred in winter 1942.  He also asked, on Mr. Kamen's behalf, for any documentation regarding the arrival of the 17 Sept 1943 transport from Lida in Majdanek.

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