Legal proceedings against war crimes committed in the Lida Area.

Translation of section VI of 207 AR-Z 4/95, beginning on page 410

Translation by Irene Newhouse, August 2001

Published on the web with permission of the Zentrale Stelle der Landesjustizverwaltungen, Ludwigsburg, Germany

1.  State Proseuctor Krefeld 9Js 422/63
202 AR-Z 66/61
Impetus for commencing the proceeding was the deposition of Gustav Furmanek of 21 March 1961 in the proceedings of the State Prosecutor’s Office Koblenz 9 Js 716/59 against Heuser and other members of the KdS Belarus.  He accused Anton Ripper of shooting, without orders to do so, 2 prisoners in Lida in spring 1944.  The proceeding was taken over by the State Prosecuter Krefeld and concluded 24 October 1963 due to reaching the statutory expiration limit.

2. State Prosecutor Munich I 22 Js 104 ff/61
202 AR-Z 94/59
The proceeding was against Alfred Renndorfer and other members of the Baranovichi satellite post of the KdS Belarus.  In so far as members of the KdS-satellite post Baranovichi participated in the mass executions in the Regional Commissariat Lida they were the substance of this proceeding, which was closed with several decrees.

3. State Prosecutor Munich I 113 Js 32/65
202 AR 2403/65
The proceeding was against Josef Kiefer and Oskar Ritterbusch:  Kiefer was from beginning Sept. 1941 to about mid-February 1942 chief of the 12. Company/ III. Btl. /Inf.-Reg. 727/707. Inf.-Div. & Local Commandant of Tschutschin [Scucyn, Szczuczyn]/Regional Commissariat Lida.  In this time numerous civilians, primarily Jews, were shot by members of the 12. Comp.  The proceeding against Kiefer was closed with the decree of 5 October 1970 as pre section 170 Abs. 2 StPO.

4. State Prosecutor Stuttgart 84 Js 544/70
202 AR 1837/69
The State Prosecutor Stuttgart took over the case against Ritterbusch from the State Prosecutor Munich I.
From late autumn 1941 to April 1942 he was Platoon Leader in the 12. Comp./Inf.-Reg. 727.
The State Prosecutor’s Office Stuttgart, in the indictment of 2 February 1972 accused him of, in late autumn 1941 or early winter 1942, having ordered the execution of at least 4, at most 20 Jews in a village near Tschutschin.  The Landgericht Tuebingen refused, in its decision of 15 Sept 1972, to open the main proceeding on the grounds of insufficient evidence and granted the accused immunity from further prosecution.

5. State Prosecutor Munich I 117 Js 7/71
202 AR 1931/69
The proceeding against Adolf Raimann was conducted on suspicion he had, in fall 1942, as Gendarme of the Lida post shot a Jew in a village near Lida.  The proceeding was closed 14 June 1971 due to lack of evidence.

6. State Prosecutor Mainz 3 Js 155/64
202 AR-Z 94d/59
The proceeding arose through separation from the proceeding State Prosecutor Munich I 22 Js 1944 ff/61
Investigated were Stablsleiter of the Regional Commissariat in Lida Leopold Windisch and others.  In the indictment of 15 December 1966, the State Prosecutor accused Windisch & Rudolf Werner, leader of the Economics Division of the Regional Commissariat, of, in the years 1941 and 1942, 10 resp. 9 cases of murdering Jews.  Verdict of the Landgericht Mainz 3 Ks 1/67 of 17 July 1969 sentenced Windisch to life in prison.
The case against Werner could not be tried, as he had become incompetent to stand trial.  The case against Franz Riedel and 3 other Gendarmes in Lida District was closed 27 Oct 1967 with agreement of the court under section 47 Abs. MStGB.  The fatal memorandum of the State Prosecutor [4 pages] concerns only the accused.

The State Prosecutor’s Office Mainz separated the cases numbered 7 through 10 below from  the case 3 Js 155/64.

7. State Prosecutor Mainz 3 Js 1327/66
202 AR 396/67
Josef Selzener was investigated, who was slated to be Stabsleiter for the future Regional Commissariat  Polozk, and who was training for his future post from the end of 1941/beginning of 1942 in the Regioinal Commissariat in Lida.  He was accused by a witness of selecting victims before the mass murder of Jews on 8 May 1942.  The State Prosecutor closed the case due to lack of evidence on 22 August 1967.

8. State Prosecutor Mainz 3 Js 1328/67
202 AR 397/67
Accused was Albert Wester of having given or relayed orders for the shooting of Jews as Gendarmerie regional leader.  The case was closed 13 November 1967 on grounds of his inability to stand trial.

9. State Prosecutor Mainz 3 Js 1329/66
The case was against Max Stein.  He was from fall 1941 to mid-March 1942 Hauptfeldwebel at the staff of the III. Btl./Infantry Regiment 727 in Lida.  The unit participated in closing off [the ghetto] during the Aktion against the “Vilner Jews” of 1 March 1942.  Stein is alleged to have willfully shot two Jews.  The case was closed with the decree of 22 October 1967 due to insufficient evidence.

10. State Prosecutor Oldenburg 2 Js 151/67
202 AR 395/67
The State Prosecutor’s Office Oldenburg took over the case against Gerhard Borrmann from the State Prosecutor Mainz.  As Regional Commissar-designate for Polozk, he is alleged to have selected Jews for execution on 8 May 1942.  After completion of the judicial preliminary investigation, he was granted immunity from prosecution due to lack of evidence by decree of Landgericht Oldenburg of 12 January 1970.

11. Central Office Dortmund 45 Js 15/62
202 AR-Z 58/61
The Central Office Dortmund on 30 June 1970 accused Kurt Schulz-Isenbeck to have arranged the execution of at least 80 male Jews in Lida as Teilkommandofuehrer of EK 9.   Through decision of the Landgericht Duesseldorf – XI – 110/70 S of 30 June 1971 he was nevertheless granted immunity from prosecution.

12. Zentrale Stelle Dortmund 45 Js 19/70
319 AR-Z 68/70
The proceeding was against former members of Dulag 155.
Substance of the proceeding was the selection and execution of Soviet prisoners of war for racial or political reasons.  In the Russian expedition, Dulag 155 had its first deployment in Lida and then transferred to the front.
The proceeding was closed 6 March 1974.

13. State Prosecutor Darmstadt 2 Js 427/72
202 AR-Z 141/72
The proceeding was against Karl Lehmann, born 22 November 1912 in Hanau, resident (1972) [address given, but not reproduced here].
He was accused in an anonymous deposition of 3 July 1970 of murdering a Jewish girl in Lida as member of Organisation Todt.  In a  further indictment of September 1971, he was accused of having committed Nazi war crimes as Ortsgruppenleiter in Lida.
Evidence that the above-mentioned Lehmann was ever in Lida could not be produced.  The proceeding was therefore closed 23 February 1972.

14. Zentrale Stelle 202 AR-Z 17/97
In a letter of 1 October 1997, the Polish Central Commission relayed official transcripts regarding the execution of 12 Poles on 16 August 1942 in the village Ejtuny, Zyrmuny Town, Lida district by an unnamed unit.  In addition the report of the Soviet Extraordinary Commission in Lida of 17 August 1944 was added to the file.
Insofaras this report regards persons other than members of the KdS satellite post Lida, it is the substance of proceeding 202 AR-A 17/97.  According to local law, concurrence of the responsible court as pre section 13 StPO is required.   In my opinion, transfer of responsibility to the State Prosecutor Mainz because of its proceeding 3 Js 155/64 against Windisch et al. is in order.

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