Faerstein (Firestein, Feurestein)
Family Photos

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Oshai Faerstein crossed the Prut river into Husi at the age of 8 to escape the army. He married Mali Wecsler and they had at least 6 children, some born in Husi and some in the US. The family traveled to the US in 1888. Oshai died in Glens Falls, NY and his wife died in Kentucky, where the eldest children were living. Both Oshai and Mali buried in Glens Falls. Oshia left behind in Romania one son, Calman, who was the eldest. Calman married a woman from Leova, and raised his family there. The family left Leova during World War II, but returned after the war. Calman's two children, Israel and Rahila, became physicians. Today their descendants are mostly physicians and engineers living in Israel and Canada.

Calman and Sima Pomerantz Faerstein, with children Israel and Rahila. 

Moshe Faerstein as a child.  Now in 2009 he is 78

Moshe Faerstein with grandfathers.

Israel and Rahila Faerstein

Rahila Faerstein and Solomon Ghertzenstein in Medical
School in Bucharest

Calman and Sima Faerstein with daughter Rahila

Rahila Faerstein and friends

Rahila and Solomon Ghertzenstein

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