Bibliography of Sources for Lazdijai/Lazdei

The Dworskys of Lazdei, by J. Michoel Ronn, a History of a Lithuanian Jewish Family from the mid-1700s Until the Present. 1990, private publication. History and genealogy. Preface by Binyamin Netanyahu.
The Ethical Will of Rabbi Joseph Moses Abraham Levinski, the Tsaddik of Lazday (Lazdijai). ASKO Press (private) 1981. Introductory history, translation and commentary by Alexander Siskind Kohanski, preface and genealogical information by the late Dorothy Dellar Kohanski. Bound copies out of print.
LANDSMEN, Quarterly Publication of The Suwalk-Lomza Interest Group (Polish provinces of the former Russian Empire).
Volumes containing Lazdei (Lozdzieje in Polish) Jewish Vital Records from LDS microfilms of Polish Civil Records Extracted and published in Landsmen:
Births 1808-1825 V:2-3; 1827-1833 XV:1-2
Deaths 1808-1817 III:2-3; 1818-1822 IV:1; 1823-1825 IV:2-3; 1827-1833 XV:1-2
Marriages 1808-1854 III:2-3
Town article by Berl Kagan VI:4
History 16th - 20th c. XV:1-2
1765 Jewish Census XV:1-2
Census lists 1911-1914 VIII:2
Charity contributors 1872 VI:4
Conscripts; see Suwalk gub. draftees, Part 2
Dworsky Family Book II:1
Some 1915 evictions from X:1-2
Photo postcards available, 1920's [Shorts] XIII:3-4
Year 2006 visit story XIX:1-2

Lithuanian Jewish Communities, by Schoenburg and Schoenburg,Published by Jason Aronson, 1996, ISBN: 1568219938 . Contains approximately 2 pages about Lazdei, as well as some surrounding communities. Also gives an outline of Lithuanian Jewish history.

Yidishe Shtet, Shtetlach un Dorfishe Yishuvim in Lita , by Berl Kagan, privately published in New York (in Yiddish). An English translation by Michoel Ronn of the Lazdei article from this book appeared in Landsman Volume 6, Number 4, Spring 1996.

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