From Out of the Depths

Translations from this book by Rabbi Ephraim Oshry as found on the Jewishgen Yizkor Book List.  In Rabbi Oshry's own words, 

An appendix to the book contains the names of our rabbis and teachers the heads of the holy Yeshivas and the holy and pure students, from the land of Lithuania, who were killed on Kiddush Hashem [sanctification of the Holy Name] ....

Family name First name Profession Age Place of birth Date of death Remarks Page Yeshiva
KASPER Eliezer Yeshiva student 24 Kupiskis Elul 5701 (Aug./Sept. 1941)   283 Panevezys
KATZ David Rabbi 31 Kupiskis Tammuz 5701 (June/July 1941) It is not certain that he was a Yeshiva student 226 Slobodka
RESNIKOV Mordecai Ya'akov Yeshiva student 20 Kupiskis Elul 5701 (Aug./Sept. 1941)   292 Panevezys
SCHWARTZ Binyamin Yeshiva student 19 Kupiskis Elul 5701 (Aug./Sept. 1941)   284 Panevezys
WEIN Avraham Yeshiva student 25 Kupiskis Elul 5701 (Aug./Sept. 1941)   282 Panevezys
ZILBER Lipa Rabbi 43 Kupiskis 29 Sivan 5701 (24 June 1941)   243 Kovno Kolel - Slobodka
ZILBER Mordecai Yeshiva student 27 Kupiskis Menachem Av 5701 (July/Aug. 1941)   236 Slobodka
ZILBER Yitzhak Yeshiva student 29 Kupiskis Tammuz 5704 (June/July 1944)   232 Slobodka

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