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Kryzhopil', Ukraine

Крижопіль, Yкраïна



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Compiled by Marla Waltman
Last updated 12 June 2016
Copyright © 2014 Marla Waltman

This page contains links to reminiscences and biographical notes for individuals who lived in Kryzhopol, Ukraine . At present, there are links to documentation for three individuals:

  1. Dora Kraft (Kravchek) Waltman  (b. 1898 Kryzhopol, Ukraine - d. 1991 Toronto, Canada)
  2. Semyon Fanshel (b. 1928 Kryzhopol, Ukraine)
  3. Sidor Belarsky (b. 1898 Kryzhopol, Ukraine - d. 1975 New York, United States of America)

In addition to these links, you will find other information about individuals and families who lived in Kryzhopol on the page entitled Town Life and Residents.

1.    Dora Kraft (Kravchek) Waltman

The Reminiscences of Dora (Kravchek) Waltman include a discussion of her life in Kryzhopol, Siroka (Romania), and Odessa, from 1898 to 1921, and her travel to Toronto, Canada in 1921.  These reminiscences were recorded and transcribed by her granddaughter, Marla Waltman, on 26 March 1978, in Toronto, Canada. To republish this reminiscence, either in whole or in part, please contact me for permission:

Born 25 September 1898, Kryzhopol, Vinnitsyia, Ukraine 
 Arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, 11 April 1921 
Died 23 December 1991, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dora Krafcik Waltman photo taken about 1923
Dora Kravchek
about 23 years of age
Toronto, Canada

2.    Semyon Fanshel

Interview with the Shoah survivor, Semyon Fanshel (b. 12 June 1928 in Kryzhopol, Ukraine), for Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. The interview covers his life in Kryzhopol, and that of his father and grandparents in the near-by village of Zhabokrich, and other locations, as well as life during the Shoah and after World War Two in Ukraine.  The interview, that can also be found on Youtube, is in Russian with English subtitles. 

Interview. Part I
Interview. Part II
Interview. Part III

Interview. Part IV

Interview. Part V

Interview. Part VI

Interview. Part VII


3.   Sidor Belarsky

Sidor Belarsky, born Isidor Livshitz (12 February 1898 – 7 June 1975), was a Ukrainian-American singer born to a Jewish family in Kryzhopol, Ukraine.  His recording of "Dem Milners Trern" ("The Miller's Tears"), a Yiddish folk song composed by M. M. Warshavsky, was featured in the Coen brothers's film, A Serious Man. The song's subject is the expulsion of Jews from hundreds of villages in the Czarist Russian Empire.
In the following Oral History Project video, Isabel remembers her father, Sidor Belarsky, the "master singer of the Jewish people", providing a unique perspective into the life of his life. In the video, one learns about Sidor Belarsky's unlikely career beginnings, his late-nights at the famous hangout for Jewish artists Cafe Royal, and his home in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York, in the United States. Two You Tube videos are: Sidor Belarsky - Avoth Video  and  Sidor Belarsky - Veal Yedai.

Many thanks to the Wexler Oral History Project for sharing this video. For more information on the project, visit:

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