Condition and Uses of Jewish Synagogues in the Czech Republic in 1989

General Information

  • Before 1938, there were more than 360 Jewish Synagogues in Cechach and Moravia, the regions which make up what is now the Czech Republic.
  • 1938-1945, the Nazis burned down 60 Synagogues.
  • In 1945, there were 300 Jewish Synagogues.
  • In 1989, there were 200 Jewish Synagogues remaining.  The rest were torn down.


    Uses of the Jewish Synagogue Buildings that still Remained Standing in 1989

  • 3 are still used as Jewish Synagogues
  • 40 are used as Christian churches
  • 12 are museums
  • 15 are Cultural institutions, such as concert halls, archives, libraries, etc.
  • 48 are apartments
  • 38 are for storage
  • Others are used for schools, administration, some are empty (such as the Krnov Synagogue), etc.


    Uses of Specific Ciy Synagogues

  • In Prague
  • In Polna: used as a Jewish Museum (reconstructed in 1990s).
  • In Rychnov nad Kneznou: used as a Jewish Museum.
  • In Ledec nad Sazavou: used as a Concert Hall and Museum.


    Synagogues in Slesko County

    Only 2 synagogues remain in Slesko county.  One is in Krnov and the other is in Ceskem Tesine.  The Krnov synagogue is now an historical monument, but it has no fuction right now.  It is awaiting reconstruction.  The other synagogue is in Ceskem Tesine and is used as a Cutural Center.

    Present Uses of Specific Synagogues in Moravia and Slesko

    There are only 50 synagogues remaining in this region, the rest were burned down by the Nazis in WWII or they were taken down by Communist.  In Ostrava, 5 synagogues were destroyed and in Olomoucka, 1 was destroyed.
  • Brno:  Only have 1 synagogue, which is still in use as Jewish Synagogue
  • Milulov:  Concert Hall and Muzeum
  • Novy Jicin:   Archives
  • Hranice na Moravia:  City Gallery (was reconstructed during the 1990s)
  • Lipnik nad Becvou:  Some sort of Church
  • Prerov:  Some sort of Church
  • Holesov:  Regional Jewish Museum
  • Prostejov:  Some sort of Church
  • Rousinov:  Some sort of Church
  • Korycany:  Store
  • Veseli nad Moravou:  Storage
  • Ivancice:  Storage
  • Miroslav:  Storage?
  • Trebic:  Some sort of Church; Concert Hall; Gallery & Museum.
  • Velke Mezirici:  New synagogue; Museum about Jewish history; storage.
  • Tisnov:  ?
  • Telc:  ?
  • Police:  Gym
  • Trest:  Some sort of Church
  • Batelov:  Garden Club
  • Boskovice:  Concert hall and Regional Museum
  • Lostice:  Music School
  • Ivanovice na Hane:  Some sort of Church
  • Vyskov:  Some sort of Church
  • Uherske Hradiste:  City Library
  • Straznice:  Concert Hall
  • Slavkov:  Muzeum Archives (reconstructed 1994-1998)
  • Lomnice:  Storage
  • Dolni Kounice:  Reconstructed as a Museum, etc.
  • Hustopece:  ?
  • Breclav:  ?
  • Puklice:  House
  • Kojetin:  Some sort of Church
  • Usov:  Museum
  • Jevicko:  Some sort of Church



    The Jewish Community in Prague is financially sound and has been helping Jews in surrounding communities with preservation of their local synagogues!

    Please note:  The spelling of towns and regions were taken directly from the documents donated by Ing. Jan Stejskal.  I have not tried to check for their accuracy or their present or past names and spellings.

    Information supplied and donated by Ing. Jan Stejskal, President of the Krnov Synagogue Community Group.  This information was translated by Daniela Kutra and edited by Melody Katz.    Please note:  there may be errors in translation and spelling!

    Copyright © 2001 Melody Katz

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