Distinguished Jews of the Krnov and Bruntal Regions


Anselm Anschlowitz (1837- 16 Mar 1911)
He was the first Rabbi of the modern Jewish Community in Krnov.  Before he became a Rabbi, he was a teacher of Jewish Study in Kyjove, which is another small town in Czech Republic.   He was probably born in this town of Kyjove in 1837.  When he became the Rabbi of Krnov, he still remained a teacher of Jewish Study at the Krnov Gymnasium 1875 through 1907.  Anselm’s two sons, Richard and Adolf,  graduated from the Krnov Gymnasium in 1891 and 1903, respectively.  The Rabbi was married to Barbara nee Hajek.  The rabbi had a lot of tragedy in his life.  Soon after moving to Krnov in 1876, 3 of his sons died.  Then his son Albert died in 1882.   His daughter Ida died in 1889.  In 1907, Rabbi Anselm Anschlowitz retired.  He was buried in 1911 in the Jewish Krnov Cemetery, but his original tombstone was destroyed by the Communists in the 1980s.  There are still photos of the tombstone.  His tombstone had been built by Anselm’s students at the gymnasium, in his memory.

Dr. David Rudolfer (16 Mar 1871- 14 Sep 1942 in Terezin)
Rabbi Rudolfer was the second and last Rabbi of Krnov.  He started his rabbinical career in 1901 in Krnov, but  became main Rabbi after Rabbi Anschlowitz’ retirement in September of 1907.  He taught in the gymnasium 1907-1924 as a Bible teacher for the Jewish families of Krnov.  Rabbi Rudolfer’s children also attended the gymnasium.  His son Max graduated in 1922 and his daughter Hanna in 1926.  Rabbi Rudolfer, between the 19th and 20th century, inscribed the Jewish lettering on tombstones in the town of Osoblaze.  His wife died before WWII and her tombstone was in the Krnov Jewish cemetery, before being taken down in the 1980s by the Communists.  The Rabbi was deported from Brno and died in the Terezin concentration camp in 1942.  His son Max escaped the Nazis and immigrated to Palestine.

Moses Rudolfer (died 1926 in Krnov)
Moses was the father of Rabbi David Rudolfer.  He was the last Rabbi in Osoblahy (the town did not have a big enough Jewish community anymore to hire another Rabbi) before moving to Krnov, where he died.

Information supplied and donated by Ing. Jan Stejskal, President of the Krnov Synagogue Community Group.  This information was translated by Daniela Kutra and edited by Melody Katz. Please note:  This document can have errors due to translation from Czech to English!

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