Distinguished Jews of Krnov:  Lawyers

Dr. Karl Eisler

Dr. Karl Eisler had his law practice on the main square in Krnov.  In 1938, he left Krnov with his family before the Nazis arrived and went to Ostrav, which was a bigger city not far away.

Dr. Arthur Goldberger

Dr. Arthur Goldberger was a lawyer in Krnov.  He had graduated from the Krnov high school and was a member of the Jewish synogogue.  Jechiel Goldberger, Arthurís grandson, lives in Israel.  In 2000, Jechiel was given, as restitution, the house that was taken from his grandfather in Krnov during WWII.

Dr. Erwin Kunewalder

Dr. Erwin Kunewalder, a Krnov Judge, was born in Krnov 22 Jun 1889 and died in Osvetim in 1944.  He graduated from the Krnov High School in 1907.  Erwin and his wife Fanny were deported to Terezin 18 Nov 1942 and then to another concentration camp, Osvetim, 9 Oct 1944, where they both died.

Dr. Leopold Mondschein

Dr. Leopold Mondschein was a lawyer in Krnov and also a leader in the Jewish community.  He kept the Jewish records for the synagogue (example: birth, death, & marriage).  There was a large Mondschein family tombstone in the Krnov Jewish cemetery, but it was destroyed around 1980.

Dr. Ludwig Pollak

He was born in 1852 and died in Krnov 21 Oct 1921.  Ludwig and his wife Sidoni Munk were buried in the Krnov Jewish cemetery with one double tombstone. 

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