Krnov Cemetery Project , Phase #1

The security of the Krnov Jewish Cemetery is essential to preventing further destruction of the cemetery through vandalism.  The first step is to repair the walls and front entrance gate.  Ing. Jan Stejskal, who lives in the area, has gotten detailed estimates of the cost to secure the cemetery.  He will also be in a position to supervise the work and make sure it is done properly.  Please note:  All money specified is in U.S. denominations

  • The Main Entrance Gate
  • The Southwest Wall
  • The Southeast Wall
  • The total cost of securing the cemetery will be $12,602.



    When the repairs have been completed to the walls and gate, then the next project will be the repair of the actual tombstones.

    Information supplied and donated by Ing. Jan Stejskal, President of the Krnov Synagogue Community Group.  This information was translated by Daniela Kutra and edited by Melody Katz. Please note: There could be errors in this document due to translation problems!

    Copyright © 2001 Melody Katz

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