Information Concerning Krnov Cemetery

The Krnov Cemetery document has over 200 surnames found on the tombstones in the Krnov Jewish cemetery.  There are another 500 or more tombstones that have been knocked over, from which the names have yet to be retrieved!  This retrieval will only be possible with the restoration of the cemetery.  The cemetery dates from 1874-1976, where over 500 Jewish people were buried (some of the figures obtained from municipal documents).

In the northern section of the cemetery is a monument for 8 men who fought during WWI.  The north section also had a tombstone for the Monschein family, which was destroyed in the 1980s, in addition to tombstones for many children.  Some of the oldest tombstones were found in the North West section of the cemetery.

Information supplied and donated by Ing. Jan Stejskal, President of the Krnov Synagogue Community Group.  This information was translated by Daniela Kutra and edited by Melody Katz.  Please note:  There could be errors in this document due to translation.

Copyright © 2001 Melody Katz

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