Krnov Jewish Community in 1938
The spreadsheet of names and information concerning the Jewish Krnov community in 1938 was obtained by utilizing the following documents:
  •  Jewish Documents made by Nazis in 1938 in Krnov.
  •  Documents from Terezin Concentration camp concerning Krnov.
  •  Letters between Jewish families during that period.
  •  Insurance documents.

  • Many of the members of  the Krnov Jewish community could not be traced after 1938, but it is assumed most of them died in concentration camps during the war.  Even though this spreadsheet has over 200 names, it frequently consists of only 1 member of each family, such as the head of the family or only the wife.  Over 80 additional surnames are missing from this list.  Some of the names on this spreadsheet consist of Jews who had converted to other religions before WWII.

    Information supplied and donated by Ing. Jan Stejskal, President of the Krnov Synagogue Community Group.  This information was translated by Daniela Kutra and edited by Melody Katz.  Please note:  There could be small errors in translation. 

    Copyright © 2001 Melody Katz

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