The Jews of Kraków and its Surrounding Towns

Telegrams from Kraków - 1908

In 1908, the wedding of Jacques MAHLER and Anja MARGULIES took place in Berlin. Since the bride was from Kraków, and the groom — who was born in Kraków — was from Antwerp, they married halfway, in Berlin.

They received hundreds of telegrams from family and friends, most of them from Kraków and Brunn (Neu  Bruen). These sentimental telegrams were bound in two leather books. Years later they were saved by a neighbor when the Germans threw them away after deporting the family to Auschwitz. Their son managed to retrieve these two books after the war.

The telegrams contain many names of Krakauers, among them several doctors and lawyers. Many of the Antwerp names are also originally from Kraków. There are also a few original KKL telegrams - one of them from Emil Margulies, the well known Zionist.

(Data kindly provided by Charles Mahler, Antwerp, grandson of the marriage couple.)

Note: All names followed by an asterisk (*) appeared on a single communal telegram.

Name							     	   City
ADER, Dr.                                                          Krakau
ADLER-WEILER,                                                      Antwerp
ADLER-WEISSLITZ *                                                  Antwerp
ADLER, Bruno                                                       Antwerp
ADLER, Cecile, Emmy, Irma, Helene and Renee                        Antwerp
ADLER, Fam.                                                        Frankfurt am Main
ALEXANDROWICZ, David and fam                                       Fr Biala
ANISFELD, Lejser                                                   Krakau
ANISFELD, Moses Wolf                                               Krakau
ANISFELD, Mozes and fam                                            Krakau
ANISFELD, Sch. And wife                                            Krakau
APFELBAUM, Fam                                                     Krakau
ARATEN, Markus                                                     Krakau
ARONSFRAU *                                                        Antwerp
AUSTERN FUCHS                                                      Krakau
BALISCHANSKY, Fam.                                                 Berlin
BANDET, Joachim                                                    Krakau
BANET, Chaim and wife                                              Krakau
BARON, and wife                                                    Antwerp
BAUER, Filipp                                                      Vienna
BAUMINGER, Izaak and fam                                           Krakau
BAZES, Gustaw                                                      Krakau
BENIS, Dr., Arthur                                                 Krakau
BENTSCHER, Abraham and fam                                         Krakau
BERGGLAS, Salomon and wife                                         Krakau
BERNSOHN, Fam                                                      Antwerp
BERNSTEIN, Jacques and fam                                         Bruen
BERTRAM *                                                          Antwerp
BERWALD *                                                          Antwerp
BIELIETZ, Jos                                                      Jagersdorf
BINDER, Wilhelm and wife                                           Kattowitz
BINZER, David                                                      Krakau
BIRKNER                                                            Krakau
BIRNBAUM *                                                         Antwerp
BIRNBAUM , Resia                                                   Krakau
BIRNBAUM, Dora                                                     Krakau
BIRNBAUM, Joachim *                                                Antwerp
BIRNBAUM, P *                                                      Antwerp
BLANKSTEIN RAPPORT,                                                Bielitz
BLATTERG, Alter and wife                                           Mielec
BLOCH GOLDWURM IMMERGLUECK Faml                                    Bielitz
BLUM, Fam.                                                         Bielitz
BOBER, Ignatz                                                      Krakau
BOBER, Jacob                                                       Krakau
BOBER, Jozef                                                       Krakau
BOCHNER *                                                          Antwerp
BOGAD, Lea                                                         Bruen
BOGAD, Oscar and fam                                               Bruen
BOGAD, Simon                                                       Bruen
BOLLE , Bernard                                                    Antwerp
BORNSTEIN, Isidore *                                               Antwerp
BRAUNFELD, Rudolf und Anna                                         Bruen
BRENENFELD, Fam                                                    Krakau
BRUNO ADLER *                                                      Antwerp
BUCHBINDER                                                         Krakau
BUCHENHOLTZ *                                                      Antwerp
BUCHNER, Fam                                                       Krakau
BUESCHEL, Anselm and fam                                           Kolomea
BUESCHEL, David and fam                                            Kolomea
BUESCHEL, Nathan and fam                                           Kolomea
BURSTEIN, and wife                                                 Antwerp
BUSCH and WESTREICH, Fam                                           Antwerp
BUSCH, B and wife and fam                                          Antwerp
BUSCH, Jacques and wife                                            Antwerp
CENSER, Simon *                                                    Antwerp
CENSOR, Alexander and wife                                         Krakau
CENSOR, S *                                                        Antwerp
CITRON *                                                           Antwerp
COHN *                                                             Antwerp
COHN LIEBESKIND                                                    Krakau
CROES, F                                                           Antwerp
CYPRES *                                                           Antwerp
CZAPNICKI, Fam                                                     Krakau
DATTNER                                                            Krakau
DAVIDS, Fam, Bruxelles                                             Antwerp
DEICHES, Dr., Family                                               Krakau
DEMBITZER, J *                                                     Antwerp
DEMBITZER, M *                                                     Antwerp
DEMBITZER, Maurice                                                 Antwerp
DEUTSCH *                                                          Antwerp
DEUTSCHER, Jozef                                                   Krakau
DIRDAK, Family                                                     Antwerp
DIRDAK, J *                                                        Antwerp
DOTSCH, Family                                                     Antwerp
DUNKELBLUM, Simon                                                  Podgorze
ECKSTEIN, Israel *                                                 Antwerp
ECKSTEIN, Lajos *                                                  Antwerp
EHRENFELD, Family                                                  Antwerp
EHRENPREJS, M                                                      Krakau
EIBENSCHUETZ *                                                     Antwerp
EICHENBAUM , Jacob and wife                                        Krakau
EICHNER, Fam.                                                      Leipzig
EINTRACHT, Abraham and wife                                        Krakau
EISEN *                                                            Antwerp
EISENKRAEMER, Bruxelles                                            Antwerp
EJCHENBAUM, Saul                                                   Krakau
ENGEL, Josef                                                       Krakau
EPSTEIN, Leopold                                                   Krakau
FAST *                                                             Antwerp
FAST, Leon and wife                                                Kolomea
FEDAK, Dr.                                                         Lwow
FEINER, S *                                                        Antwerp
FINKELSTEIN, Ch *                                                  Antwerp
FINKELSTEIN, M *                                                   Antwerp
FISCHER , A B E and wife                                           Antwerp
FISCHER , Adolf                                                    Antwerp
FISCHER , Bernard and wife                                         Antwerp
FISCHER , Henry and wife and sons                                  Antwerp
FISCHER , Hermann                                                  Antwerp
FISCHER , Jean and fam                                             Antwerp
FISCHER , Joseph                                                   Antwerp
FISCHER , Leon and wife                                            Antwerp
FISCHER , Maurice and wife                                         Antwerp
FISCHER, Herman *                                                  Antwerp
FISCHER, Jonas                                                     Antwerp
FISCHER, Maurice and fam                                           Antwerp
FISCHER, Sam *                                                     Antwerp
FISCHLER, Adwocat                                                  Krakau
FISCHLOWITZ, Dr.                                                   Krakau
FISCHMANN *                                                        Antwerp
FOGLER, and wife                                                   Antwerp
FRAENKEL *                                                         Antwerp
FRAENKEL KORNGOLD,                                                 Krakau
FRAENKEL, Michael                                                  Krakau
FRAENKEL, Mrs *                                                    Antwerp
FRAILICH, Chaim and wife                                           Krakau
FREEDMAN,                                                          Antwerp
FREI *                                                             Antwerp
FREUDMAN, Family                                                   Antwerp
FREUDMANN, Max                                                     Antwerp
FREUND MUENSTER                                                    Reichenberg Boehmen
FREYLICH, Joel                                                     Krakau
FREYLICH, Leon and fam                                             Podgorze
FRIEDLANDER BARTNOWSKI,                                            Antwerp
FRIEDMAN, Wolf                                                     Krakau
FRUEHAUF, Fam                                                      Krakau
FUCHS, Fam.                                                        Antwerp
FUHRMAN, Jacob and fam                                             Czernowitz
FUHRMAN, Nuchem and wife                                           Czernowitz
FUSSMAN, Markus and fam                                            Krakau
GANGEL, Fam                                                        Antwerp
GANS, Mejlech and fam                                              Przemysl
GELDZAEHLER, B *                                                   Antwerp
GELDZAEHLER, Mei *                                                 Antwerp
GELDZAEHLER, Moritz *                                              Antwerp
GERBER, Leo                                                        Vienna
GINTEL                                                             Krakau
GLASSCHEJB, Fam                                                    Krakau
GOLDBERG                                                           Bielitz
GOLDBERG,                                                          Antwerp
GOLDBERGER                                                         Krakau
GOLDMAN, Fam                                                       Antwerp
GOLDMUNTZ, D *                                                     Antwerp
GOLDMUNTZ, Max and wife                                            Antwerp
GOLDMUNTZ, Romi *                                                  Antwerp
GOLDSTEIN,                                                         Antwerp
GOLDSTEIN, Max *                                                   Antwerp
GOLDWASSER, Family                                                 Antwerp
GOLDWASSER, Josef and Rosalia                                      Krakau
GOTTESMAN, Salomon and wife                                        Stefanowka
GOTTLIEB, Carl                                                     Krakau
GRETZER, Max                                                       Antwerp
GRETZER, Willy and wife                                            Antwerp
GROSS                                                              Krakau
GROSS, Fam.                                                        Jaroslav
GROSS, Salomon and wife                                            Krzeszowice
GROSSBERG, Fam                                                     Krakau
GROSZ , and wife                                                   Krakau
GROSZ, Bernard and fam                                             Krakau
GROSZ, Marye                                                       Krakau
GRUEN, Family                                                      Krakau
GRUENBERG                                                          Krakau
GRUENWALD, Fam                                                     Krakau
GRUENZWEIG, J *                                                    Antwerp
GRUNZWEIG, Heinrich *                                              Antwerp
GRUNZWEIG, RATZERSDORFER  FISCHER, Adass Jeschurun community       Antwerp
GRUZMARK *                                                         Antwerp
GRZYWINSKA, Flora                                                  Krakau
GUDELKA                                                            Losonczmalom
GUNZBERG, Dr., and fam                                             Antwerp
GUTTMANN , and wife                                                Antwerp
GUTTMANN, J *                                                      Antwerp
GUTWIRTH, Hesche and fam                                           Antwerp
GUTWIRTH, Moses                                                    Antwerp
HAAS, Markus and Jeanette                                          Bruen
HARTMAN, Fam                                                       Krakau
HAUPTMAN EHRENBROD,                                                Lwow
HAUPTMAN, Salomon                                                  Lwow
HAUSMANN, S                                                        Antwerp
HECHT, Emanuel J                                                   Bruen
HEILPORN, S *                                                      Antwerp
HERDAN, Adolf and wife                                             Bruen
HERDAN, H                                                          Bruen
HERSCH, IG                                                         Reichenberg Boehmen
HERSCHTHAL, Elias loebl                                            Krakau
HERSTEIN, and wife                                                 Krakau
HERSTEIN, Samuel Moses and fam                                     Krakau
HERZ , Adolphe and fam                                             Antwerp
HERZ, Dr.,                                                         Antwerp
HERZ, H and fam                                                    Antwerp
HERZBAUM , Fam.                                                    Tarnow
HERZKOWITZ *                                                       Antwerp
HERZOG, Isidor                                                     Krakau
HEUMANN                                                            Krakau
HILFSTEIN, Dr., Chaim, KKL Teleg, Krakovska 17 I Slort?            Krakau
HIMMELBLAU, Bernard *                                              Antwerp
HIMMELBLAU, Jonas                                                  Antwerp
HIMMELBLAU, S *                                                    Antwerp
HIRSCH, Kassier der Israelitischen Gemeinde                        Krakau
HIRSCHBERG, L *                                                    Antwerp
HOCHSCHUELER *                                                     Antwerp
HOEDEMAKER, Arnold *                                               Antwerp
HOFF ZINNER *                                                      Antwerp
HOFFMAN, Emil and wife                                             Maramarossziget
HOFFMANN,                                                          Antwerp
HOLAENDER, Fam                                                     Krakau
HOLLAENDER, Leser                                                  Krakau
HOLZER, Sigmund and wife                                           Krakau
HOROWITZ , Moses and fam., KKL Telegr, Dietelgasse 32              Krakau
HOROWITZ DRESNER                                                   Bochnia
HOROWITZ, Cypora, Rabbiner's widow                                 Krakau
HOROWITZ, Heinrich *                                               Antwerp
HOROWITZ, Joel *                                                   Antwerp
HOROWITZ, Majlech                                                  Mielec
HOROWITZ, Max and fam                                              Krakau
HOROWITZ, MJ *                                                     Antwerp
HOROWITZ, Nathan                                                   Krakau
HOROWITZ, P *                                                      Antwerp
HOROWITZ, Samuel and fam                                           Hamburg
HOROWITZ, Schachne *                                               Antwerp
INFELD, A *                                                        Antwerp
INGBER, Josef *                                                    Antwerp
ISRAELOWITCH, MS *                                                 Antwerp
ISRALOWITZ, M and wife                                             Antwerp
JACOB, Religionslehrer                                             Krakau
JACOBSOHN                                                          Krakau
JACOBSOHN, Josef                                                   Krakau
JACOBSOHN, Moriz and fam                                           Antwerp
JAHR, Fam.                                                         Krakau
JIRANIAS , Pepi                                                    Bielitz
JONKLER, Family                                                    Krakau
JUDKIEWICZ, Dr.                                                    Krakau
JUDKIEWICZ, Jakob                                                  Krakau
JUNGER, Dr.                                                        Krakau
JUROWICZ                                                           Krakau
JUWILER'S,                                                         Antwerp
KACZKA                                                             Lwow
KADINSKY *                                                         Antwerp
KAHAN, Michael, KKL Teleg                                          Krakau
KAHANE, Peretz and wife                                            Krakau
KAMPF, and wife                                                    Bolechow
KAMSLER, Israel                                                    Krakau
KANAREK, Fam                                                       Krakau
KAPELUSZ, Efroim                                                   Krakau
KARMEL, L *                                                        Antwerp
KATZ, Mendel and wife, KKL Teleg, Sebastyanskaz                    Krakau
KATZENGOLD                                                         Krakau
KAUF, Moritz and wife                                              Bruen
KAUFMANN, Josef                                                    Krakau
KICZALES, Jacques                                                  Bruen
KIRSCHNERS, Dr.                                                    Krakau
KLEIN *                                                            Antwerp
KLEIN, Fam                                                         Krakau
KLEIN, Jacob and fam                                               Tarnow
KLEIN, Leon John                                                   Antwerp
KLEINBERG, Ferdinand                                               Antwerp
KLEINBERG, Herman *                                                Antwerp
KLEINBERG, Mad                                                     Antwerp
KLEINBERG, Sylvain                                                 Antwerp
KLINGER, IG                                                        Bruen
KLIPPER, J *                                                       Antwerp
KOENIGSGARTEN, Sigmund                                             Bruen
KOHN, Fam                                                          Antwerp
KOHN, Juna and wife                                                Mielec
KOK, A *                                                           Antwerp
KOPERBERG, Fam                                                     Antwerp
KOPS, Gustave *                                                    Antwerp
KOPS, W *                                                          Antwerp
KORALL BANET, Joszef                                               Krakau
KORALL BANET, Saul and fam                                         Krakau
KORALL, P *                                                        Antwerp
KORNGOLD, Henri                                                    Antwerp
KORNGOLD, Lazar                                                    Krakau
KORNITZER *                                                        Antwerp
KOSCHES, Edward and wife                                           Krakau
KOSCHES, Osias                                                     Krakau
KOSEN, Dr., and wife                                               Nowytarg
KRAUS , Karl and fam                                               Reichenberg Boehmen
KRAUS, Ludwig and fam                                              Reichenberg Boehmen
KRENGEL, B *                                                       Antwerp
KRENGEL, Ejsig                                                     Krakau
KRENGEL, H *                                                       Antwerp
KRENGEL, Laser and wife                                            Krakau
KRIEGER, Bernard and wife                                          ??
KRIEGER, Fam                                                       Krakau
KRONENGOLD, Fam                                                    Antwerp
KUDISCH, Isidor and wife                                           Tarnow
LABIN, Fam                                                         Krakau
LACHS, Dr., Johann                                                 Krakau
LACHS, Isaak and fam                                               Krakau
LACHS, Sigmund and fam                                             Krakau
LAMM *                                                             Antwerp
LANDAU, Aleksander                                                 Krakau
LANDAU, and wife, Juvelier                                         Krakau
LANDAU, Chiel                                                      Krakau
Name							     	   City
LANDAU, Dr., Rafael                                                Krakau
LANDAU, Dr., Vicepraesident                                        Krakau
LANDAU, Fam.                                                       Wadowice
LANDAU, Henriette                                                  Krakau
LANDAU, Jacob *                                                    Antwerp
LANDAU, Jetti                                                      Krakau
LANDAU, Pinkus                                                     Krakau
LANDAU, Samuel Moses and fam                                       Krakau
LANDAU, Schachne and wife                                          Krakau
LANGROCK RABINOWICZ                                                Krakau
LANGROCK, Joel                                                     Krakau
LAUER, Advocate                                                    Krakau
LAUFBAHN, Adwokat                                                  Krakau
LAUFER, Hermann                                                    Bruen
LAUFER, Josef and Bertha                                           Bruen
LEDERBERGER,                                                       Antwerp
LEHNER, Hans                                                       Czernowitz
LEOBEL, Samuel                                                     Stefanowka
LEWIN *                                                            Antwerp
LEWINSOHN *                                                        Antwerp
LEWY, S *                                                          Antwerp
LIBSCHUETZ, family                                                 Bruen
LICHTENBERG, Bernard and fam., KKL Teleg                           Krakau
LINKOWSKA                                                          Podgorze
LIPMAN BERTHA KLIPPER , Family                                     Antwerp
LIPSCHUETZ, Fam.                                                   Krakau
LIPSCHUETZ, Jacob *                                                Antwerp
LIPSCHUETZ, Leser                                                  Krakau
LOEWENSTEIN, Baruch and wife                                       Krakau
LOEWY, Fam                                                         Antwerp
LUBASCH, Fam                                                       Krakau
LUSTBADER, and fam                                                 Krakau
MACHLES, Jakob                                                     Krakau
MAHLER, David                                                      Krakau
MAHLER, Heinrich                                                   Antwerp
MAHLER, Wilhelm Tincia and Margerite                               Antwerp
MANDAAT, Family, Capellen                                          Antwerp
MANDEL, Heinrich *                                                 Antwerp
MANDELBAUM, D *                                                    Antwerp
MANDELBAUM, Simon and wife                                         Antwerp
MANN, Fam                                                          Antwerp
MANNHEIMER, Director                                               Losonczmalom
MARGULIES , Isidor, KKL Teleg                                      Wien
MARGULIES , Marcus                                                 Novysacz
MARGULIES , Michal and fam                                         Krakau
MARGULIES, Berthold, Bruxelles                                     Antwerp
MARGULIES, Clara                                                   Baden
MARGULIES, Emil, KKL Teleg                                         Trautenau
MARGULIES, Hanns                                                   Bielitz
MARGULIES, Isaak                                                   Grodekjag
MARGULIES, Salo and Anna                                           Miloslaw
MARKHEIM, S *                                                      Antwerp
MARKHEIM, Sara                                                     Krakau
MARKOWICZ *                                                        Antwerp
MASCHLER, Jakob and fam                                            Krakau
MEISELS, Fam.                                                      Vienna
MENASHE, Leon and fam                                              Antwerp
MERMELSTEIN                                                        Skole
MERZ, Advocate                                                     Krakau
MERZ, Wilhelm                                                      Krakau
MESSER, and wife                                                   Vienna
MIESSE, Osias                                                      Przemysl
MIRMOWITSCH *                                                      Antwerp
MISRACHI, Robert *                                                 Antwerp
MISRAHI, Nissim                                                    Antwerp
MOED *                                                             Antwerp
MOED, E *                                                          Antwerp
MOED, Paul *                                                       Antwerp
MORGENBESSER AND LAUFER                                            Bruen
MORGENBESZER, Lazar Leon and family                                Krakau
MUENZER, Isak and wife                                             Czernowitz
MUNK, Frau *                                                       Antwerp
NACHHAEUSER, Leon                                                  Krakau
NATOWITZ, Family                                                   Antwerp
NEBENZAHL, Joseph *                                                Antwerp
NEBENZAHL, P *                                                     Antwerp
NEBENZAHL, Sam *                                                   Antwerp
NEUBERGER, A *                                                     Antwerp
NEUFELD *                                                          Antwerp
NEUKORN *                                                          Antwerp
NEUMAN, S                                                          Reichenberg Boehmen
NEUTEL *                                                           Antwerp
NIMHIN, Fam.                                                       Bielitz
NUSSBAUM, Julius and wife                                          Muenchen
OFFEN, Fam                                                         Krakau
OHRENSTEIN, Juda                                                   Krakau
OHRENSTEIN, M L                                                    Krakau
PAMM, Adolf                                                        Krakau
PAWLIGER, Joszef                                                   Krakau
PAWLIGER, Leon                                                     Vienna
PAWLINGER, Fam                                                     Krakau
PEIPER, Dr., and wife                                              Krakau
PELIKAN, Johanna                                                   Krakau
PINELES, Fam.                                                      Krakau
POMERANZ, and  Family                                              Krakau
POSER, Efraim Mendel and Jetty Dolla                               Krakau
POSER, Fam                                                         Krakau
POSER, Josef                                                       London
POSNER, POSER, FARBER, LERNER AND PAWLIGER, Fam                    Antwerp
PRESSEL, Jonas and fam                                             Antwerp
PRESSEL, Leon and fam                                              Antwerp
PRESSEL, Marcus *                                                  Antwerp
PRESSEL, Salomon and fam                                           Antwerp
PRESZER                                                            Krakau
PROBSTEIN, Jacques                                                 Antwerp
PRUWER, Fam                                                        Krakau
PRZEMYSLER , Fam.                                                  Antwerp
PUSTER, Mme and sister                                             Aachen
PUTTERMAN, Fam.                                                    Kattowitz
PYSAREWITCH *                                                      Antwerp
RABBINER DR MARGULIES AND WIFE,                                    Drohobycz
RABBINER ROHATYN, and wife                                         Sloczow
RABINERSOHN *                                                      Antwerp
RABINOWITZ, Ernst and Ella                                         Bielitztjz ?
RABINOWITZ, Leon and wife                                          Vienna
RAKOVER , Efraim and wife                                          Krakau
RAKOWER, Felicie and Stefanie                                      Krakau
RAKOWER, Lazar and wife                                            Krakau
RANEMOWITZ, Jacob *                                                Antwerp
RAPAPORT, Mayer                                                    Krakau
RAPAPORT, Rabbiner Meier                                           Krakau
RAPOPORT *                                                         Antwerp
RATH                                                               Krakau
RATZERSDORFER, Frederic                                            Antwerp
RATZERSDORFER, J H and fam                                         Antwerp
RAUBITSCHEK, Alois                                                 J?gersdorf
REINER, Sigmund                                                    Prossnitz
REISS, Moses and fam                                               Lwow
RICHTER, and wife                                                  Krakau
RICHTER, S *                                                       Antwerp
RICKEL, Fam.                                                       London
RIES,                                                              Antwerp
RINGER, Israel and frau                                            Krakau
RITTERMAN, Aleksander                                              Krakau
RITTERMAN, Joachim and Franciska                                   Krakau
RITTERMAN, Salo and wife                                           Bielitz
RITTERMAN, Salomon and Helene                                      Krakau
RODHEIM, and wife                                                  Frankfurt a Main
ROOST, Emile and wife, Lawyer                                      Antwerp
ROSENBERG, Wilhelm and fam                                         Bruen
ROSENBLUM, Charles and fam                                         Antwerp
ROSENBLUM, Isidor and fam                                          Antwerp
ROSENBLUM, Maurice *                                               Antwerp
ROSENWALD                                                          Vienna
ROTH, Family                                                       Antwerp
ROTTENBERG LANGROCK                                                Krakau
RUFF, Family                                                       Antwerp
RUSS *                                                             Antwerp
SAFIER, widow and fam                                              Antwerp
SALOMON                                                            Przemysl
SALOMON *                                                          Antwerp
SALOMONOURICZ                                                      Aachen
SALZEDO,                                                           Antwerp
SAMUEL, Mayer *                                                    Antwerp
SCHENKER, Isak                                                     Krakau
SCHENKER, M? and family                                            Krakau
SCHENKER, Schmelke                                                 Krakau
SCHERBAK, Moritz                                                   Bruen
SCHERMANT, Leon and wife                                           Krakau
SCHERMAUS                                                          Krakau
SCHILD, Bernard and wife                                           Leipzig
SCHILD, Charlotte                                                  Leipzig
SCHLANK, Dr., and fam                                              Oswiecim
SCHLESINGER, Bruno and wife                                        Krakau
SCHLOSZER                                                          Bochnia
SCHMEIDLER, A *                                                    Antwerp
SCHMEIDLER, and wife gottdiner ?                                   Antwerp
SCHMEIDLER, Fam                                                    Krakau
SCHMEJDLER, H and wife                                             Krakau
SCHNABEL, Family                                                   Antwerp
SCHNABEL, Henry                                                    Antwerp
SCHNABEL, Moritz                                                   Bielitz
SCHNALL, Peretz                                                    Tarnbrzeg
SCHOENBERG, Hirsch and fam                                         Krakau
SCHOENBERG, Josef and Regina                                       Krakau
SCHOENFELD, Leon and Frania                                        Krakau
SCHOENWETTER, Julius                                               Krakau
SCHOLEM, Dr.                                                       Krakau
SCHREIBER, E *                                                     Antwerp
SCHREIBER, K *                                                     Antwerp
SCHULSINGER, Ferdinand and wife                                    Antwerp
SCHULSINGER, H *                                                   Antwerp
SCHULSINGER, J and wife                                            Antwerp
SCHULSINGER, M *                                                   Antwerp
SCHWARZ, Aron                                                      Krakau
SCHWARZSTEIN, N *                                                  Antwerp
SCHWEJZER, Ignaz                                                   Vienna
SIGAL                                                              Lwow
SILBERBLATT, T *                                                   Antwerp
SILBERFELD, John *                                                 Antwerp
SILBERFELD, Max *                                                  Antwerp
SILBERMAN, Fam.                                                    Jaroslav
SILBERSTEIN                                                        Krakau
SILBIGER, Chaim                                                    Krakau
SINGER, Mordko Itzig and fam                                       Wiznitz
SLABOTSKY *                                                        Antwerp
SLABOTZKY,                                                         Antwerp
SONDERLING, Jacob and fam                                          Bielicz
SORER, Wilhelm and wife                                            Antwerp
SPANLANG, and wife                                                 Krakau
SPIEGEL, Joel                                                      Tarnow
SPIEGEL, Moritz                                                    Bruen
SPIEGEL, Samy and wife                                             Lwow
SPINGARN *                                                         Antwerp
SPIRA, A S                                                         Krakau
SPIRA, Arnold *                                                    Antwerp
SPIRA, Dr.                                                         Krakau
SPIRA, Fam B. *                                                    Antwerp
SPIRA, J *                                                         Antwerp
SPIRA, K *                                                         Antwerp
SPIRA, L *                                                         Antwerp
SPIRA, Leser                                                       Tarnow
SPIRA, Sam and wife                                                Antwerp
SPIRA, Saul *                                                      Antwerp
SPIRO, Natan Samuel and wife                                       Krakau
SPITZEL *                                                          Antwerp
SPITZKOPF, and wife                                                Krakau
SPRINGER, J *                                                      Antwerp
STALZ, Fam                                                         Antwerp
STEGER, J *                                                        Antwerp
STEGER, J *                                                        Antwerp
STEIN , Sigmund                                                    Krakau
STEIN UND HAUPTMAN, Fam.                                           Zurawno
STEIN, Fam.                                                        Lukpawetz
STEINBERG, Leon and wife                                           Krakau
STEINER, Arnold                                                    Krakau
STERN,                                                             Antwerp
STERNBERG, N *                                                     Antwerp
STRAKOSCH, Karl                                                    Bruen
STRASCHNU *                                                        Antwerp
SUESSER, Bernard                                                   Szczakowa
SUESZER SOEHNE ?                                                   Krakau
SZERER, Adolf                                                      Krakau
TANDLER, Gustav Jacob                                              Bruen
TAUB,                                                              Antwerp
TEITELBAUM, Fam.                                                   Neusandec
TEITELBAUM, Family                                                 Antwerp
TEJTELBAUM, Chaim                                                  Krakau
TELLEMAN QUERIDO,                                                  Antwerp
TEMPES AND STEIDL,                                                 Bruen
THON, Dr.                                                          Krakau
TILLES, Dr., Adolf                                                 Krakau
TILLES, Dr., and wife                                              Menton France
TILLES, I S                                                        Krakau
TISLOWITZ, Friedrich                                               Krakau
TOLKOWKY, Family                                                   Antwerp
TOPPER, Family                                                     Antwerp
TUGENDHAFT MEILER,                                                 Bruen
TURETSCHER, Director                                               Bruen
TURNHEJM, Fam.                                                     Przemysl
UBERSFELD *                                                        Antwerp
ULLMAN, Family                                                     Antwerp
ULLMAN, Ludwig                                                     Bruen
ULLRICH                                                            Losonczmalom
UNGAR, Albert                                                      Krakau
URVATER, A and M                                                   Antwerp
VIG FRIED                                                          Losonczmalom
VOGT, Director                                                     Bielitz
WACHSMAN *                                                         Antwerp
WACHTEL, Bernard                                                   Krakau
WALK, Albert *                                                     Antwerp
WALK, Max *                                                        Antwerp
WASCHMAN, Wilhelm and wife                                         Krakau
WASSERTRILLING, Franz                                              Bruen
WASZERBERG, Norbert and fam                                        Krakau
WASZERBERGER, and wife                                             Krakau
WASZERBERGER, Hinda                                                Krakau
WEIDENFELD, Abraham                                                Kalusz
WEIDENFELD, Adele, Sigal                                           Wisnitz
WEIDLING, Werther and wife and daughter                            Lwow
WEINBAUM *                                                         Antwerp
WEINBERG, D Madame                                                 Antwerp
WEINBERG, H                                                        Antwerp
WEINBERG, Kopelius *                                               Antwerp
WEINBERG, Saul *                                                   Antwerp
WEINBERGER, Adolf                                                  Bruen
WEINDLING, Ferdinand                                               Krakau
WEINDLING, Joachim and fam                                         Krakau
WEINDLING, Max and wife                                            Krakau
WEINSBERG, Michael und Berthold                                    Krakau
WEISELES SOEHNE,                                                   Reichenberg Boehmen
WEISSLITZ *                                                        Antwerp
WEJDENFELD, and wife                                               Czernowitz
WEJDENFELD, Jakob                                                  Vienna
WELLNER, D *                                                       Antwerp
WELLNER, Heinrich and wife                                         Antwerp
WELLNER, S *                                                       Antwerp
WELLNER, Wilhelm                                                   Antwerp
WERMUTH, Isidor and wife                                           Bruen
WETZLER *                                                          Antwerp
WIEN *                                                             Antwerp
WIENER, Dr., and wife                                              Antwerp
WIENER, Selig                                                      Krakau
WIKLER, Efraim and Adele                                           Krakau
WIKLER, Isak and wife                                              Krakau
WILOFSKY,                                                          Antwerp
WOLFF, Sally and wife                                              Antwerp
WOLFGANG *                                                         Antwerp
WOLFOWITZ, Family                                                  Antwerp
ZELAZNIK, Fam.                                                     Podwoloczyska
ZELAZNIK, Moritz and wife                                          Krakau
ZIFF, Natan                                                        Vienna
ZWEIG, Adolf and wife                                              Vienna
ZWEIG, Jakob and fam                                               Krakau
ZWEJER, S and fam                                                  Antwerp


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