The Jews of Kraków and its Surrounding Towns

Kraków Researcher

We now have someone in Kraków who is prepared to do research for us on an individual basis at the Kraków Archives.

The Birth, Marriage, and Death (BMD) records for much of the Nineteenth Century are currently available on the Internet, and can be seen elsewhere on the Kraków Kehilalink. Unfortunately, most records for the period 1880 to 1900 were not microfilmed and thus are not available from the LDS. Many researchers are thus unable to link up earlier family trees with later descendants. Also, there are numerous censuses taken during the Nineteenth Century that are not currently available on the Internet (and are unlikely to be available for the foreseeable future).

Both document types — the BMD records and census documents — are present in the Kraków Archives. There probably are many other documents as well — one simply has to go there and ask to see them.

Enter our researcher...

Our researcher lives in Kraków, speaks English, has E-mail, and is prepared to do research for you as follows:

  1. Some of the archives may require her to have a "Limited Power of Attorney" from you. If so, then please contact the Kraków webmaster who will provide you with a copy of the required 'Limited Power of Attorney' document. Our researcher will then have this document translated into Polish by her attorney (for a fee), and can then do research on your behalf.

  2. She is prepared to transcribe your documents from Polish, but if you want photocopies, there is a charge (imposed by the Archives, not by her). Each photocopy currently costs 22 zloty (about 4 zloty to the dollar) for a 24 x 30 centimeter copy. Copies are only made twice per month, and our researcher only gets the copies about two to three weeks later.

  3. Our researcher will be charging a fee for her services. This will have to be arranged directly with her. The Power of Attorney fee is a once-off expense.

If you wish to use her services for your personal research, please contact the Kraków webmaster, who will provide you with further details.


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