The Jews of Kraków and its Surrounding Towns

Sefer Zicharon

A Sefer Zicharon contains the Hebrew names of numerous deceased individuals, and was used as a supplement in the recitation of Yizkor in the synagogue. An old Sefer Zicharon from Kraków exists, and the names have been extracted and listed in the following table. The date of this book is not yet known. Most of these names do not have surnames, but some do have a date of death inscribed in the book's margin. The actual page can be seen by clicking on the appropriate link. [Bracketed] names are the individuals' acronyms.

(Source: Jerusalem University Library Archives. Microfilm Reel: 80-2417)

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Yosef ben Mordechai Gershon Ha'Cohen ["Sheirit Yisrael"]       Yeshia Menachem Mendel ben Yitzhok
Moshe ben Yisrael Isserles ["Remuh"]                           Eliezer ben Eliyahu ["Ma'aseh Hashem"]
Meshulam Faivush ben Yisrael Shmuel                            Yom Tov Lipman ben Natan Ha'Levi ["Tosfot YomTov"]
Nattan Netta ben Shlomo Shapira ["Megila Amukot"]              Avraham Yehoshua Heshel ben Yaakov & daughter Kreindel
Yoel ben Shmuel ["Beit Chadash"]                               Arieh ben Zacharia
Yehoshua ben Yosef ["Meginei Shlomo"]                          Yitzhok ben Zeev
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Aaron Shmuel ben Yisroel ["Birchat Ha'Zevach"]                 Yitzhok ben Tzvi Ha'Levi
Aaron ben Moshe ["Mateh Aaron"]                                Moshe Arieh Leib ben Shmuel
Shaul ben Avraham Yehoshua Heshel                              Yitzhok ben Mordechia Ha'Levi
Yehuda Leib ben Yitzhok                                        Tzvi David ben Yitzhok Ha'Levi
Schmelki ben Yehuda Leib
Dov Berisch ben Yitzhok                                        Chaim Arieh
Shimon ben Moshe Sofer
Page 5 & 6
Yechiel ben Yehuda Leib Ha'Levi                                Shem Meir Ha'Dayan
Yitzhok Izaak ben Beer Waltsker                                Tzvi ben Bezalel Ha'Cohen
Arie Leib ben Yaakov                                           Mordechai ben Herschel Rozish
Shmuel ben Avraham                                             Tzvi Hirsch ben Moshe
Yitzhok ben Yaakov                                             Meier Yehuda ben Zeev Wolf
Yehuda Leib ben Shraga Feivush S'gel
Yehuda ben Mordechai Neeman                                    Yeruchem ben Gershon S'gel
Tzvi Hirsch ben Pinchas Ha'Levi                                Yitzhok ben Elchanan
Yisrael Isser ben Shlomo Katz                                  Shabtai ben Shmerl
Yeruchem ben Yozef                                             Tzvi Hirsch ben Beer Poplish
Eli ben Yitzhok                                                Yitzhok ben Baruch
Yechiel Ichel ben Eliakim Katz                                 Shalom ben Yehuda
Yitzhok ben Beer Pamm                                          Ephraim Fischel ben Tzvi
Manele ben Mordechai                                           Chaim ben Yitzhok
Yosef ben Avraham Arie                                         Yosef ben Moshe
Shimon ben Yehuda                                              Yaakov ben Tzvi
Natan ben Shimon (child)                                       Gavriel ben Zeev
Page 7 & 8
Shlomo ben Menachem                                            Moshe ben Menachem
Shlomo ben Yosef                                               Avraham ben Menachem
Moshe ben Mordechai                                            Eli ben Yehuda Leib
Yosef ben Zeev                                                 Chaim ben Yitzhok (child)
David ben Dov Beer Ha'Cohen                                    Yitzhok Izaak ben Tzvi Hirsch
Menachem Mendel ben Mordechai                                  Tubia ben Shabetai
Hertzki ben Moshe                                              Menachem Manele ben Shimon
Yehuda ben Yitzhok                                             Tzvi Hirsch ben Moshe Tzurf
Asher Lemel ben Moshe                                          Avraham ben Yitzhok Zelig
Asher Lemel ben David Ha'Cohen                                 Avraham ben Yisroel
Shimshon ben Tzvi Ha'Levi
Aleksander Zissel ben Aaron Ha'Levi                            Yaakov Tzvi ben Chaim
Peretz ben Yaakov                                              Akiva ben Arieh
Mendel ben Shlomo                                              Avigdor ben Yissachar Berisch
Zacharia ben Shlomo Zalman Ha'Cohen                            Moshe ben Yissachar Beer
Shlomo ben Michael                                             Aziel ben Moshe
Avraham ben Yitzhok                                            Yaakov ben Yitzhok
Yosef Jozef ben Shmuel Zanwel                                  Tzvi ben Meir
Tzvi Hirsch ben Ephraim (child)                                Menachem Man ben Shlomo
Shlomo ben Avraham                                             Tzvi Dov ben Akiva
Yitzhok ben Moshe                                              Mordechai ben Yosef
Shmuel ben Shimon                                              Mordechai Yitzhok ben Yehuda S'gel
Yehuda Leib ben Elazar
Page 9 & 10
Shlomo ben Yisrael Isser Katz                                  Yeshiya ben Yehoshua
Mordechai Gumpel ben Menashe                                   Ziskind ben Tzvi Ha'Levi
Natan ben Yaakov                                               Yaakov ben Shimon
Shmuel ben Gamliel                                             Shlomo ben Mordechai
Menachem Man ben Yitzhok                                       Yaakov ben Menachem
Yitzhok Zelig ben Moshe                                        Yehuda ben Shimon Ha'Levi
Elazar ben Shlomo Zelig                                        Moshe ben Tzvi Halevi
Yitzhok Izaak ben Tzvi                                         Yeshua Zelig ben Zeev (child)
Shlomo Zalman ben Efraim Fischel                               Moshe ben Mordechai
Moshe ben Shlomo Ha'Cohen                                      Aaron ben Moshe
Shraga Feivush ben Yona Mordechai                              Yehuda ben Yosef
Moshe ben Eliyahu                                              Meir ben Yitzhok
Yissachar Beer ben Shlomo Zalman                               Moshe ben Baruch
Aaron ben Alexander Ha'Levi                                    Efraim ben Avraham
Zeev Wolf ben Berachia                                         Yitzhok Shimshon ben Yosef Kalman S'gel
Yisroel ben Avraham
Page 11 & 12
David ben Yehuda                                               Moshe ben Natan
Shmuel ben Alexander Ha'Levi                                   Yosef Yoska ben Shimon Zeev
Yosef ben Menachem                                             Shimon ben Tuvia
Yissachar Beer ben Tzvi                                        Eliezer Leizer Schochet ben Shlomo
Yosef ben Avraham Yehuda                                       Yissachar Beer ben Ichel Katz
Yaakov Yosef Zacharia Mendel ben Arieh                         Yochanan ben Shmuel
Avraham Aba ben Yitzhok                                        Moshe Yehoshua Tzvi ben Shlomo
Shmuel Tzvi ben Yosef Kalman S'gel                             Avraham ben Yehuda
Gershon ben Yeruchem s'gel                                     Yaakov Yehuda ben Zeev
Chaim Yitzhok ben Shlomo ORGLER                                Peretz ben Tzvi
Menachem Mendel ben Avraham                                    ?Yehoshua Eliakim ben Shlomo
Shlomo ben Yehushua Zelig                                      Yitzhak Izaak ben Shraga
Yitzak Feivel ben Tzvi                                         Alexander Zussman ben Yehoshua
Yosef ben Tzvi                                                 Yehuda ben Shmuel
Zeev Wolf ben Yosef                                            Shmuel ben Peretz Dayan
Moshe Yisrael Isser ben Yissachar                              Zeev Tzvi ben Aaron
Avigdor ben Moshe                                              Eliyahu ben Yisachar Beer
Chaim ben Yaakov
Page 13 & 14
Yosef Kalonymus Kalman ben Yaakov Shimshon S'gel               Pinchas ben Zeev
Arieh Yitzhok ben Chaim                                        Meir ben Naftali
Tzvi ben Yaakov                                                Daniel ben Tzvi
Moshe Zeev ben Eliezer S'gel                                   Eliezer Leizer ben Yitzhok
Yissachar Beer ben Aaron                                       Shmuel ben Akiva
Avraham ben Chaim                                              Mordechai ben Yaakov
Eliezer Leizer ben Yosef Dayan                                 Shlomo Yissachar Beer ben Yosef Yozefa
Yehuda ben Shimon Ha'Cohen                                     Shmuel Chananel ben Eliezer
Elazar Lipman ben Yosef                                        Chanoch Yitzhok ben Mordechai
Shmuel ben Yisachar Katz
Naftali Hillel ben Yechiel Michal                              Shalom ben Efraim
Yitzhok Aaron ben Eliezer                                      Yona Mordechai ben Eliakim
Yoel ben Eliezer                                               Yehuda ben Yitzhok
Yechezkiel ben Yaakov Ha'Cohen                                 Shimshon ben Yehuda Ha'Cohen
Shraga Feiwush ben Zeev                                        Shlomo ben David
Meir ben Moshe Mordechai                                       Avraham ben Yehushus Ha'Cohen
Moshe ben Meir                                                 Moshe Yitzhok Izaak ben Daniel
Natan ben Yeshia                                               Shimon ben Yitzhok Ha'Cohen
Shlomo Zalman ben Menachem Manele
Page 15 & 16
Mordechai ben Moshe Yehuda                                     Moshe ben Tuvia
Yehuda ben Avraham GOLDSCHNEIDER (2 weeks)                     Moshe ben Yitzhok
Eliezer ben Yitzhok Kalonymus                                  shaul ben Shaul Ha'cohen
Benyamin ben Yehushua S'gel                                    Chaim ben Zeev
Moshe Yeshiyahu ben Avraham                                    Yekutiel Zalman ben Moshe Yaakov
Meir Yehuda ben Peretz                                         Yekutiel Zalman ben Mordehcai Tzvi
Tuvia ben Yehuda                                               Yehoshua ben Yitzhok HOLZER
Avraham ben Dan                                                David ben Shmuel Michael Ha'Levi
Shlomo Yehuda ben Yitzhok Hacohen                              Naftali Tzvi ben Zeev
Eliyahu ben Asher                                              Yehoshua ben Avraham
Page 17 & 18
Yisrael Tzvi ben Yitzhok Yona                                  Avaham Mordechai Moshe ben Yosef KLONM??
Naftali ben Shlomo Zalman                                      Avraham ben Yehuda
Shlomo Zalman ben Naftali                                      Yekutiel Yoel ben Yekutiel
Yitzhok Kalonymus ben Yekutiel Zalman DEMBITZER                Moshe ben Chanoch
Shimon ben Avraham Meir ORNSHTEIN                              Yisachar ben Moshe
Fishel ben Zelig                                               Chaim Yehoshua ben Moshe Ha'Cohen
Chanania Lipman ben Zeev                                       Yissachar Beer ben Avraham Simcha
Moshe Meir ben Tzvi                                            Itsche ben Yehushua Sh'tz
Shmuel Menachem ben Natan                                      Shimon ben Moshe Yehuda
Bezalel Beer ben Yechiel
Page 19 & 20
Meir Eliezer ben Yitzhok                                       Avraham ben Nachman
Yisrael ben Yosef                                              Meir ben David
David Yehuda ben Tzvi                                          Malikim Getzel ben Yona Mordechai
Abba ben Yitzhok Ha'Cohen                                      Yaakov Yosef ben Zeev
Yehuda ben Avraham                                             Aaron ben David
Menachem ben Yosef                                             Yehuda Arieh ben Shlomo
Avraham ben Yehuda                                             Yehuda Meir ben Moshe
Chaim ben Yehuda                                               Shlomo ben Shmuel
Pinchas Yosef ben Yaakov
Yirzhok Yona ben Zeev                                          Avraham ben Aaron
Moshe ben Benyamin Ha'Cohen                                    Efraim Fishel ben Yehuda
Avraham ben Asher Lemel                                        Meir ben Yisachar
Avraham ben Shlomo Zalman                                      Simcha ben Eliyahu
Yosef Tzvi ben Yitzhok Efraim                                  Moshe Mordechai ben Zeev Yehuda
Eliezer ben Zeev Wolf                                          Moshe Mordechai ben Yehuda
Yitzhok Yona ben Avraham                                       Moshe Yaakov ben Yekutiel
Yaakov Kopel ben Yitzhok                                       Simcha Moshe ben Yaakov
Page 21 & 22
Yehuda ben Yosef                                               Elchanan Mordechai ben Yehoshua Eliakim
Shlomo ben Mordechai                                           Chaim ben Gavirel Ha'Levi
Yeshiyahu David ben Moshe Naftali                              Avraham Moshe ben Yisachar
Yaakov ben Matityahu                                           Ezriel ben Pinchas Katz
Tzvi Yehuda ben Shalom                                         Zeev Yehuda ben Eliakim
Yaakov Moshe ben Yona Mordechai                                Yechiel Feivel? Ben Shlomo
Abba ben Shlomo                                                Moshe ben Yosef
Yitzhok Dan ben Shmuel                                         Shmuel Pinchas ben Yehuda
Josef Zacharia Menachem ben eliezer Shaul                      Schmelki ben Shlomo
elchanan Mordechai ben Yehoshua Eliakim                        Yehushua ben Asher
Tzvi Hirsch ben Eliezer                                        Yitzhok ben Avraham Ha'Cohen
Naftali Hirtzki ben Avraham Ha'Levi
Page 23 & 24
Yaakov Yehuda ben Shmuel Menachem                              Yechezkel ben Shaul Ha'Cohen
Berach ben Yisachar SAGAN                                      Shalom Chaim ben Yisrael Yehuda Ha'Levi
David ben Yehuda                                               Moshe Yehuda ben Shimon
Yosef ben Menachem                                             Zeev ben Mordechai
Benyamin Ozer ben Avraham ZIPES                                Avraham Shaul be Bezalel Dov
Yosef ben Beniamin Ozer (child)                                Gershon ben Avraham Shaul
Yitzhok ben Avraham Mordechai NORMAN S'gel                     Yehuda ben Shimon
Alexander David ben Yitzhok Shaul APOTEKER                     Pinchas Eli ben Moshe Yaakov
Aaron ben Shlomo ROTTENBERG
Yochnas bat Yitzhak                                            Rela bat Avraham
Kreinidel bat Yaakov                                           Sara bat Hillel Dayan
Ella bat Yosef                                                 Feigel bat Hillel Dayan
Chaya bat Menachem Mann                                        Hinda bat Yehuda Leib
Freidel bat Beer RAKOWER                                       Sara bat Yona
Rachel bat David                                               Rivka bat Zeev Ha'Cohen
Rivka bat Meier Dayan
Page 25 & 26
Doba bat Manele Neeman                                         Treindel bat Yehuda
Perel bat Aaron Ha'Levi                                        Tzirel g'child of Meier Dayan (child)
Simcha bat Yechezkiel                                          Gitel bat Yehuda Leib
Rela bat Shlomo                                                Chaya bat Issachar Beer S'gel
Freidel g'child of Meir Dayan (child)                          Gitel bat Leizer S'gel
Ester bat Aaron Halevi                                         Chaya bat Yoel
Rivka Hadasa bat Avraham                                       Aidel bat Meir Dayan
Gela bat Yaakov
Necha bat Yehuda Leib                                          Yehudis bat Alexander
Lipsha bat Yehuda                                              Ester bat Moshe
Miriam bat Isser                                               Gitel bat Elchanan
Devorah bat Mordechai                                          Hinda bat Yaakel (daughter of above)
Rivka bat Yaakov Tzvi                                          Elkel bat Tzvi
Rivka bat Berachia Ha'Cohen                                    Chava bat Shlomo Zalman (daughter of above)
Leah bat Moshe                                                 Feigel bat Moshe
Leah bat Chaim                                                 Gitel Chana bat Shlomo
Page 27 & 28
Malka bat Yehuda                                               Feigel bat Pesachya
Tzirel bat Yehuda                                              Miriam bat David
Feya Glikel bat Tzvi                                           Zisli bat Yaakov
Rivka bat Manele                                               Rela bat Yochanan
Freidel bat Yitzhok                                            Devora bat Yona Mordechai
Necha Teubel bat Yitzhok Shimshon (child)                      Feigel bat Yaakov Moshe
Mina Malka bat Moshe                                           Chana bat Naftali
Chava bat Eliakim Getzel                                       Ester Perel bat Yosef Tzvi
Nicha bat Shabetai Arieh Avraham ZIPES
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