The Jews of Kraków and its Surrounding Towns


Typical "Kataster" Document


(73 Dietlowska)
Husband's Name
Wife's Name
(wine merchant)
Husband's Father
Husband's Father's Birth Year & Town
(1838, Krakow)
Husband's Grandmother's Name
Husband's Grandmother's Birth Year & Town
(1809, Krakow)
Husband's Mother
(Rachel Leji)
Birth Date & Place
(2 April 1862, Krakow)
Marriage Date
(26 December 1889)
Wife's Parents
(Saul & Leji)
Wife's Birth Date
Names of Children
(six mentioned here)
Birth Dates of Children
Changes In Child's Status
e.g., When the card was updated, the first child's name (Leonora)
was crossed out since she was married. The name of her husband
(Maurycy SPERLING) is mentioned.
Comments (at bottom of page)
Includes dates of important events.
e.g., Amongst other notes, it mentions
that son, Henryk, went to Antwerp on
9 July 1929.



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