The Jews of Kraków and its Surrounding Towns

Kraków Jewish Cemeteries
Photo Project

Despite the extensive damage and desecration of Kraków's Jewish cemeteries during World War II, several hundred gravestones remain, and are still in reasonable condition. As a result, many Jewish tourists and students visit these cemeteries to see and photograph — not only the graves of Torah luminaries such as the Remuh — but also to look at many of the remaining gravestones. (The tombstone of the Remuh is probably one of the most–photographed Jewish tombstone in Eastern Europe.)

In view of the numerous visitors to Kraków's Jewish cemeteries, an ambitious project is now being launched to photograph as many of the remaining stones as possible. Anyone can participate, and the photos, as well as the tombstone details, will be made available to all via the Internet. The procedure is simple:

If you intend to visit Kraków — as an individual or as part of a group such as ShtetlShleppers — please consider partaking in this project. It requires very little effort, but is of enormous help in genealogical research. Just imagine how many photos can be taken by a single tourist group of twenty or thirty people!


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