The Jews of Kraków and its Surrounding Towns

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As part of our ongoing collaboration with the Kraków Archives, (branch II), we have now obtained a list of almost 2,500 names of Polish Jews from a register in Kraków. The registration was probably done sometime during either 1941 or 1942. The data consists of two parts:

The genealogic data include:

There is also some non-genealogic information dealing with conversions. Since this is of a sensitive nature, it has been decided not to make this additional data available on a public forum. However, those wishing to obtain copies of the original document — and hence ALL of the information — should E-mail the Kraków Archives by clicking here. Let them know of the specific record you require, and also make a reference to this page.

Acknowledgments: The availability of this material is entirely due to the efforts exerted by the Director of the Kraków Archives in Grodzka Street, Mr. Robert Bogusz. The Kraków Kehilalink extends its sincere appreciation to him and his staff. Thanks also to Miriam Romm who was instrumental in liaising with the Kraków Archives.
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