The Jews of Kraków and its Surrounding Towns

Kraków Burial Societies
United States

The list below shows the locations of burial plots allocated to various Krakower Burial Societies in the United States. Some of the listings appear to be family plots for people with the surname 'Kraków'.

We would very much welcome volunteers who can assist in identifying and listing the graves located within these plots. Should you be able to help, please contact the webmaster.

(List provided by Estelle Guzik of NYJGS)

Chebra Rofei Cholim M'Krakau (post)
Washington (B'klyn)
Section 1, Post 102; Section 5, Post 463

Congregation Agudath Achim M'Krakau
Washington (B'klyn)
Section 1, Post 104

Congregation Agudath Achim M'Krakau
Mt. Hebron
Block 69, Path 2

Congregation Jeshvath Jacob Anshei Krakav
Mt. Neboh (NY)
Path 16 Right, Block 27

Esther Kalb Krakauer Benevolent Association
Mt. Zion
Path 34 Right, Gate 16

Esther Kalb Krakower Benevolent Society
Beth David (Elmont)
Section AA, Block 5

Fanny Krakow Sick & Benevolent Society
Beth El (Westwood)
Block 5

First Krakowitzer Society (post)
Beth Moses
Block 34, Section 3

First Young Men's Cracower Benevolent Association
Mt. Hebron
Block 15, Path 1

Garsony Krakow S.B.S. (post)
Beth El (Westwood)
Block 13

Independent Krakauer Young Men's Association #1
Washington (B'klyn)
Section 3, Post 327; Section 5, Post 491

Jeshuath Jacob Anshei Krakau (trans. post)
Mt. Zion
Path 43 Right, Gate 5
Krakauer Friends Association
Washington (B'klyn)
Section 5, Post 468

Krakauer Friends Association
Mt. Hebron
Block 81, Path 3; Block 16, Path 1

Krakauer Progressive Association
Block 54, Gate 455/E

Krakauer Rising Star
Washington (B'klyn)
Section 4, Post 358

Krakauer Simon Schreiber (post)
Washington (B'klyn)
Section 3, Post 320

Krakauer Simon Schreiber Congregation
Mt. Hebron
Block 60, Path 2

Krakauer Simon Schreiber Congregation
Washington (B'klyn)
Section 2, Post 197

Krakauer Society (map)
Cypress Hills
Section 1

Krakauer Society Chebra Rofei Cholim (post)
Cedar Park
Block 2

Krakov Young Men's Association (post)
Gates 61 & 66

New Cracow Friendship Society Inc (post)
Beth Moses
Block 10, Section 2; Block 28 & 30, Section 3

United Krakauer Charity Society
Mt. Hebron
Block 61, Path 6


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