The Jews of Kraków and its Surrounding Towns

Bnei Brit Officers - 1895-1918

Kraków B'nei B'rith officers, 1895-1918, taken from the book Archiwum Zwiaku Zydowskich Stowarzyszca Humanitarnych 'Bnei Brith' w Kraków (1892-1938),by Boguslawa Czajzecka, Kraków, 1994.

(Document procured by Bennett Weinstock)

Year          President                               Vice-President                        Secretary                             Delegate

1895           Filip LANDAU                       Ferdynand EICHHORN

1896           F. EICHHORN                        Ignacy FUNCH                       Herman BRUNNER              Maurycy HOROWITZ

1897           Rafael LUSTGARTEN          Sam. TILLES                            H. BRUNNER

1898           S.TILLES                                Jakub HIRSCH                         Daniel KAUFMAN

1899           J. HIRSCH                              H.BRUNNER                             Jozef KRAUTLER

1900           M. HOROWITZ                    ROTWEIN                                 H.SYROP

1903           TISCHLER                                                                                  GESTLER

1904           Zygmunt REICH                     Henryk KAUFMAN               Ozjasz THON

1905           H. KAUFMAN                       O. THON                                   SEINFELD

1906           H. KAUFMAN                       O. THON                                   A. MAISELS

1907           O. THON                                 Josef IMMERGLUCK              Antoni SCHUDMAK

1908           O. THON                                 Leon ADER                               A. SCHUDMAK

1909           L. ADER                                  Josef WEINBERGER                F. EICHHORN                     THON, BRUNNER, KAUFMAN

1910           L. ADER                                  J. WEINBERGER                       F. EICHHORN

1911           J. WEINBERGER                    Arnold STEINER                      F. EICHHORN

1912           HEISCH                                   A. STEINER                               ARMHAUS                         THON, TILLES

1913           A. STEINER                            F. LANDAU                               Sam. WAHRHAFTEG

1914           F. LANDAU                            A .CHUDMAK                          Dawid SUSSKIND             ADER, HIRSCH, BRUNNER, WEINBERGER, THON

1915                                                              R. LUSTGARTEN

1916            F. LANDAU                            Ignacy EHRENPREIS               D. SUSSKIND

1917            O. THON                                  J. WEINBERGER                      Ludwik RATTLER

1918            O. THON                                  J. WEINBERGER                      Ludwik RATTLER


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