The Jews of Kraków and its Surrounding Towns

Israeli Association of Cracovians

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The mission of this association is to commemorate Jewish Cracow, its glorious past, and the tragedy of the Holocaust during World War II.

The association acts under a broad directorship that consists of twenty members who are first-generation survivors, as well as second-generation descendants of Cracow. The directorship is comprised of the following individuals:

The activities of the Association are run by standing committees:

Annual Events

Two events are organized by the Association every year:

Cooperation with Ironi 'H' High School in Tel Aviv

Ironi 'H' of Tel Aviv has adopted the Cracow Congregation, and our Association has adopted the school. Consequently, a room in the school has been dedicated to the commemoration of the Cracow Community. This room contains many books on the subject of the Jews of Cracow. There is also a unique model of the concentration camp of Plazsów, built by the late Joseph Bau, a founding member of the Association.

The Association contributes extensively to the advancement of knowledge of high school students regarding the history of the Jewish Community of Cracow. It supplies the school with learning materials and offers stipends to students from low–income families to help them participate in the yearly trips to Poland and to Cracow organized by the Ministry of Education.

Stipends are also given to students who write seminar papers on the subject of Jewish Cracow as a final project for their high school matriculation exams. Furthermore, we have recently launched a special national project for juniors and seniors called "personal commitment". Students interview first generation survivors from Cracow in their homes. Subsequently, these interviews will be collected and published in the form of a booklet, a copy of which will be given to the family of each survivor, and which will be donated to the school's library.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Cracow Fund

This fund was established several years ago. Collaboration between representatives of the Association and academics from the Institute for the Research of Jews of Poland at the Hebrew University paves the way for a multitude of publications on the topic of the Cracow Jewish Community in the broader context of Jewish history in Poland.

An example of a recent publication is Dr. Meir Balaban's monumental book The History of the Jews in Cracow and Kaszimiez, 1304-1868. The book has been translated from Polish and came out in 2002 in two impressive volumes, totaling 1,000 pages.

Cooperation with the Cracow Organization in New York

The Association in Israel has been in close contact with the New York–based organization New Cracow Friendships Society ever since the establishment of the latter in 1965. In a collaborative project between these two organizations, the New Cracow Friendships Society contributes annual funds towards the stipends distributed in honor of the Martyrs of the Cracow Community and the fighters of its ghetto (see "Stipends" below).

The New Cracow Friendships Society has also launched a second-generation group. We are now focusing on strengthening the ties between our second-generation groups in Israel with those in New York.


The Association of Cracovians in Israel gives stipends to research students in all fields who write papers towards an advanced degree on Jewish Cracow.



Please feel free to contact us at P.O. Box 17209, Tel Aviv 69051, or else contact Lili Haber by E-Mail


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