The Jews of Krakow and its Surrounding Towns


Krakow Archives - Inventory

The Krakow Archives have kindly provided us with a detailed listing of some of their archive holdings. These include Jewish as well as non-Jewish records. Each item description has an English translation, which, in many cases, requires deciphering. For example, archival records labeled "Evidence and control of peoplesí mobility" probably refers to the official registration of visitors from outlying towns who came to stay in Krakow.

Depending on the availability of time and finances, it is our intention to eventually transcribe and computerize all these records. In the meantime, researchers can familiarize themselves with the material by viewing the following two PDF files: Archive List A and Archive List B.

(Thanks to Robert Bogusz of the Krakow Archives [Grodzka Branch] for providing this list, to Alojzy Baron and Krystyna Jelonek-Litewka for typing the original documents, and Elizabeth Landaw for the English translation)