The Jews of Kraków and its Surrounding Towns


1935 Kraków Directory

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The 1935 Directory has an extensive listing of house occupants — both Jewish and non-Jewish — for most of the city of Kraków. Its importance is that this was one of the last Directories issued prior to the Holocaust, and that the names of all family members are usually listed. It can be assumed that the vast majority of Jewish individuals listed in this Directory perished during the Holocaust. Over 2,300 surnames and about 4,000 first names have been extracted from the directory and are presented here.

Unfortunately, this Directory was compiled alphabetically according to street name, making it particularly difficult to find a specific surname. The data has now been placed into a database in which one can search the surname.


(Document procured by Jakob Laor. Data extracted by: Sylvia Green, Flora Gursky, Judie Goldstein, Charles Mahler, Bruce Morgenstern, Julian Schamroth, Simon Srebrny and Judy Wolkovitch)


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