The Jews of Kraków and its Surrounding Towns


(Gusta Dawidsohn Draenger)

JUSTYNA'S DIARY is a translation of an important diary about the author's experiences as a resistance leader and fighter in the Kraków Ghetto Jewish Combat Organization. This work was written on bits of toilet paper while Justyna awaited execution in the Kraków prison. The book documents and serves as an inspiration of the struggle to survive and resist annihilation.

A list of people mentioned in the diary is excerpted from the notes to assist Kraków genealogical researchers in their Holocaust Era research.

Translated by Majka Shephard (Polish to English)
The Borgo Press, San Bernadino, CA, USA, 1995
ISBN 0-8095-1402-8 paperback, 120 pages.
(This book is inexpensive and is still in print in 2001.)

  • Berkowitz, Jakob
  • Bias, Hanka (Hanusia), killed 1943
  • Brenner, Minka (Marysia), killed
  • Cukierman, Icchak (Antek)
  • Dawidsohn, Gusta (Justyna), killed Nov 1943
  • Dembus, Samuel (Samek, Julek)
  • Draenger Szchora (Czarna), killed Mar 19, 1943
  • Draenger, Szimon (Marek Borowski), killed Nov 1943
  • Einstein, Maniek, killed Mar 20, 1943
  • Feuerstein, Regina (Rena), killed
  • Fischer, Anka, killed
  • Fuchs, Towa (Martusia), killed
  • Goldberg, Aleksander (Alek), killed Apr 29, 1943
  • Goldwasser, Pola
  • Gotlieb, Samuel (Emil), killed
  • Gurenreich, Szaja
  • Johannes, Bernard
  • Kanal, Salo (Adas), killed
  • Lapa, Elza
  • Laufer, Hirsch (Gutmann)
  • Lefler, Artur
  • Leibowicz, Abraham (Romek Laban)
  • Lemberger, Itus (Witus, Witek)
  • Liebeskind, Adolf (Dolek)
  • Liebeskind, Miriam, killed Jan 1943
  • Lustgarten, Szymon
  • Mahler, Zygmunt (Zyga), killed
  • Mirer, Golda (Lidka)
  • Monderer, Henryk (Henek), killed
  • Otter, Roza (Goldwasser)
  • Pariser, Natan
  • Rubinek, Halina, killed Mar 19, 1943
  • Schipper, Hela
  • Schneider, Helena
  • Schreiber, Szalom
  • Schreiber, Szymon
  • Schreibtafel, Israel (Wladyslaw), killed Mauthausen
  • Spiner, Ewa
  • Spritzer, Hanka, killed Auschwitz
  • Stark, Towa
  • Sternlicht, Chaim (Harry)
  • Stockhammer, Gizela (Giza), killed
  • Szmerlowicz, Juda (Ignas), killed
  • Tennenbaum, Juda (Idek, Czesiek), killed Dec 24, 1942
  • Wasserman, Leopoldo (Poldek)
  • Weinfeld, Uszer
  • Weiss, Edwin, killed
  • Weksner, Baruch (Benek), killed
  • Wiener, Towa
  • Wimberger, M
  • Wodzislawski, Hillel (Antek), killed Oct 1943
  • Wortsman, Gena, killed Auschwitz
  • Wulf, Jozef (Josek)


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