The Table of Contents from the Pinkas Kovel

This is a work in progress as I have several people volunteering to translate sections. I wanted to get a sense from the chapter headings what kind of content was in the book. The numbers before the titles are page numbers. I am hoping, through JewishGen, to start a translation project for the whole book. The table in Hebrew is below the translations. Thanks to Zygomnt Boxer and Dov Rubin. If anyone wishes to volunteer to translate the sections yet to be put into english, please contact me so I can make sure the work is not duplicated.

    3. Dvora Goldhaber The holy and the Pure The Fourteen

    5. Tzvi Ronick People of the book

    7. Eliezer Leoni Witness for the generations

    The City's Early History, Its Character and Makeup

    13. Dr Rephael Mahler - History of the Jews in Kovel

    30. Eliezer Leoni In the shadow of the City's early times

    40. L. Chazan About Kovel and her Jews

    43. Baruch Bork Kovel's Population

    Memories and folklore

    47. Yosef Aricha-sketches of sites and images

    63. Dr Reuven Ben Shem-In the city's circles

    73. Rabbi Dr Michael Greiber - About Kovel the city of my birth

    85. Moshe Fishman - Kovel

    88. Yacov Kobrinski - From the recollections of a Hebrew teacher in Kovel

    92. Ichack Margalit - These I shall remember

    95. Hertzel Goldberg - To the memory of our City Kovel

    96. Moshe Batar-From the recent and early past

    98. Yacov Teitelker - Kovel Forest

    102. Baruch Bork-Kovel during WWI

    109. Yehuda Miller-Recollections of Bund in Kovel

    115. Folklore

    Education, Literature, Theater

    127. Eliezer Leoni - From the "thinly educated" to the Hebrew Gymnasia

    160. Yakov Teitelkar : Talmud Torah

    165. Dr. Mordechai Lieberson - Jewish education institutions

    169. A.M. Weisbrot - The foundation of the primary schools and Hebrew Gymnasia

    172. Zvi Tenenbaum - The Herzliya School and "Cultural" Gymnasia

    174. Chaya Hotman (Becker) - The kindergartens of Kovel

    176. Chava Sehr-Werba - The Jewish kindergarten of Kovel

    Translation in progress

    179. Dr. Yakov Khasis - Jewish Polish Gymnasia

    184. L. Alitzki - The Dichter (?)

    191. Kalman Lis Esther Lis-Heim - Kalman Benzion Lis

    193. Kalman Lis - Kowela Yokhanan

    198. Twerski - Yona Rozenfeld

    208. Yakov Teitelker - Yosef Avrekh

    211. Movry (?) Yosef Avrekh

    213. Yitzhkhak Onen - Kalman Gutenbaum

    216. Yosef Avrekh - Sheor Koma??

    220. Yakov Kobrinski - in memory of Yakov Bork S. Bama

    222. On the "Koweler Voice" and its arrangement

    224. Yakov Teitelker - The area of the theater in our city

    234. S. Klonimus - The Habima studio certificate in Kowel and its purpose

    Torah and Chasidus

    239. Yekhezkel Goldberg - Images of torah scholars

    246. R' Shmuel Yosef Werba

Pinkas Kovel table of contents Pinkas Kovel table of contents Pinkas Kovel table of contents Pinkas Kovel table of contents Pinkas Kovel table of contents Pinkas Kovel table of contents Pinkas Kovel table of contents

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