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Kolonja Izaaka
Greeting from Sarah Ekshteyn Chinsky
daughter of Mina Suchonitsky and Yisrael Ekshteyn

Chinsky Greeting

Sarah Chinsky
June 8, 2008

Greetings and kisses to all who are seeking their relatives.

I, Sarah Chinsky, of the hometown of Kolonja Izaaka, from the Ekshteyn-Sochonitsky family, cannot still the longing and the sorrow deep within my heart.  All of our families, friends, neighbors and comrades - I turn to the wide world: might there perhaps be a place where they are still remembered?

It has been a great sorrow until now: kakol korei bamidbar - like a voice calling in the wilderness.

I am grateful to Irwin Keller for this great honor and for the opportunity to write.

Best of luck!!!

We're saddened to report that Ms. Sarah Chinsky passed away on May 7, 2010.

Those interested in contacting Sarah Chinsky should email Irwin Keller.

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