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Photo Gallery - The Place

Other than the top photo below and the top two on the "People" page, all from the Salomon Salit book, there are no known extant photos of Kolonja Izaaka. If you have photos to share, please contact Irwin Keller. To see photos of the colonists and their descendants, click here.

Wedding Scene

A wedding party, posing on the "Allée" - the single, poplar-lined road of Kolonja Izaaka

Satellite Marked

This satellite view of the Kolonja site has been marked by Edward Trocki in 2009.
He has marked the site of Kolonja Izaaka with a blue oval. The red pushpin is the site of the sister community of Kolonja Palestyna.
The yellow house shape indicates the site of the Odelsk synagogue.
And the green push pin is the site of Mr. Trocki's house until 1957.

Odelsk 1941

From a German soldier's photo album, marked "Odelsk 1941". 
Courtesy of Tomasz Wisniewski.

Odelsk Synagogue

Interior of the Odelsk Synagogue. Photo courtesy of Tomasz Wisniewski.

Distant Izaaka

Odelsk farmhouse, with Kolonja Izaaka site in the distance. Photo by Marilyn Cohon, 2007.

Odelsk Street

Odelsk street scene. Photo by Marilyn Cohon, 2007.

Odelsk House

Odelsk house and barn. Photo by Marilyn Cohon, 2007.

Odelsk Synagogue

Abandoned synagogue in nearby Indura. Photo by Marilyn Cohon, 2007.

Sokolka Old

Undated vintage photo of Sokolka, from the collection of Tomek Wisniewski.

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