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Salit Image: Colonists

Colonists at Kolonja Izaaka, 1934. Photo from Salomon Salit, Kolonja Izaaka.

The original colonists of Kolonja Izaaka were poor Jews from Odelsk and other nearby towns who responded to the state's offer of land for farming. According to Pinkas Hakehillot, the settlers in 1849 comprised 26 Jewish families, a number of whom nearly immediately left the colony due to the poor farming conditions. Salomon Salit, in his monograph, Kolonja Izaaka: Wies Powiatu Sokolskiego (Warsaw 1934), identifies 15 Jewish families as original settlers who established farms alongside 8 Christian families. The 1853 Revision List for Kolonja Izaaka, transcribed in 2011, lists 28 Jewish households. The size of the individual land grants varied, according to Salit, based on the number of sons each landholder had at the time of the land distribution. Each unit, or ucząst in Russian, represents 16.4 hectares or 40.53 acres of land.

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to read Salit's chapter
(in Englsh) detailing the ownership
of the farms from 1849 to 1934.

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to download the full 1934 Salit book,
Kolonja Izaaka: Wies Powiatu Sokolskiego
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to read the 1853 Revision List
for Kolonja Izaaka, listing
the founding families.

The table below charts Salit's account of the original ownership of Kolonja Izaaka parcels in 1849 and their ownership in 1934. Click on the left box above to see the full Salit chapter, detailing the passing of the parcels through the generations of each family.

Parcel Size
Landholder (1849)

Parcel Size
Current Parcel
Dispostion (1934)
Farm 9 1.5 ucz Abram Eksztejn 0.75 ucz
0.25 ucz
0.50 ucz
Owsiej Eksztejn
Israel Eksztejn
Ice-Ajzik's daughter(s?)
Farm 10 2.0 ucz Izrael Eksztejn 0.25 ucz
0.25 ucz
0.50 ucz
1.00 ucz
Rubin Eksztejn
Zochor Eksztejn
Abram Eksztejn
Sold Off
Farm 11 1.0 ucz Zelig Knyszewicki 1.00 ucz
Mosze Knyszewicki
Farm 12 1.0 ucz Lejzor Eksztejn 0.50 ucz
0.50 ucz
Szmuel-Jankiel Eksztejn
Chaim Eksztejn
Farm 13 1.0 ucz Josef Bialy 1.00 ucz
sold to Jan Stasiewicz
Farm 14 2.0 ucz Asz Family 0.50 ucz
0.50 ucz
0.25 ucz
0.75 ucz
Asz (not identified)
Asz (not identified)
Asz (not identified)
Sold Off
Farm 15 1.0 ucz Owsiej Goldszmit 0.50 ucz

0.50 ucz
Abel Goldszmit (leased
to Motel Goldszmit)
Sold to Wincenty Bakunowicz
Farm 16 1.5 ucz Abram Grudzki 0.67 ucz
0.33 ucz
0.50 ucz
Rachmijel Grudzki
Jankiel and Leyb Grudzki
Sold to Wincenty Bakunowicz
Farm 17 1.5 ucz Wulf Krinski 1.00 ucz
0.50 ucz
Szolem Krinski
Sold to Jan Kostecki
Farm 18 1.0 ucz Abel Tarlowski 0.75 ucz
0.25 ucz
Szloma Tarlowski
Alter Tarlowski
Farm 19 2.0 ucz Szmuel Treszczanski 1.00 ucz
1.00 ucz
Mojsze Treszczanski
Mojsze Epsztejn (Icchok's)
Farm 20 2.0 ucz Hilel Epsztejn 1.00 ucz
0.50 ucz
0.50 ucz
Mojsze Epsztejn (Icchok's)
Mojsze Epsztejn (Nachman's)
Sold off in bits
Farm 21 1.5 ucz Icko Suchenicki 1.50 ucz
Nochemje Suchenicki
(with his father, Jankiel?)
Farm 22 1.5 ucz Lejzor Lew 1.50 ucz
Sold to Witkowski
Farm 23 1.0 ucz Icchok Treszczanski 0.50 ucz
0.50 ucz
David Kapusta
Sora Kapusta

Zusman Jasienowski

Entel Sztejerman

In 1934, at the time of Salomon Salit's study of Kolonja Izaaka, there had been, as one can see above, very significant changes in land ownership. Most of the parcels had been subdivided. Some subdivisions had been sold - usually to family members, sometimes to Christian neighbors. Two new farms had been added. Presumably, the ownership of farms looked somewhat like this at the time of the community's destruction in 1942.

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