Register of Burials & Marriages in Antwerp, Belgium 


The Register of burials in Antwerp, Belgium - Begraafplaats lists, and the List of marriages that took place in Antwerp from to 1926 to 1950 were submitted Charles Mahler.

There were many Galicianers living  in Antwerp,  Belgium.  The diamond trade that brought so many Galicianers to Antwerp started in the late 1870's. Some of them were on their way to embark here for the USA but stayed in Antwerp. Eventually they brought over their relatives.

Susana Leistner Bloch's observations:

In Belgium it was not possible to have a permanent concession at a burial place and after 30 years the state had the right to remove the tomb. In the Netherlands Jews were able to buy permanent concessions, so the "Antwerp" cemeteries are actually in Holland. Machsike Hadass, Shomre Hadass and Frechie Foundation Cemeteries are in Putte (a small Dutch village at the border between Belgium and Holland, about 20 kms from Antwerp). There is only one cemetery in Antwerp: Schoonselhof, where there was a small concession for Jews before the Jewish cemeteries were founded.


VELD: Field
RIJ: Row
GRAF: Grave number
NAAM: Name of deceased
GEB. & PL: Date and place of birth of deceased
OVERL. : Date of Death
OVERL. J.: Hebrew Date of Death
ADRES: last known address of the deceased
COLUMN J: The remains of some Jews that were buried in the Antwerp cemetery Schoonselhof were exhumed and reburied in the Jewish cemeteries. The same applies to some remains of Jews in other cities: Brussel - Chessed shel Emeth - ontgraven van Parijs - Jette - Charleroi - Brecht - Schaerbeek - St.Gilles - Brugge - Linkebeek - St.Gilles - Forest. Example: van Scho. ontgraven : exhumed from Schoonselhof.

Some Jews living outside Antwerp were also buried in Putte and the body or the remains were transported to the Jewish cemeteries. Overleden means died or deceased in Nice, Brugge or other places without any other known address: Overleden te Nice - Anderlecht – Heide Schaerbeek - St.Josse ten Noode - Leuven - Mönchwald - Kapellen

ONTGRAVEN NAAR ISRAEL: means posthumously exhumed and transported to Israel for burial there.
VAN SCHO. ONTGRAVEN: exhumed from Schoonselhof.

How to read a female entry:  In Belgium the second name is in general the maiden family name, so in the
chosen example: SCHUL-FRIEDMANN CHANA SARA. FRIEDMANN would be her maiden name and SCHUL the family name of her husband.

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