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Prior to the war, Jews comprised of the population of this mid-size shtetl in southeastern Poland, with a history going back over 300 years. Life for the Jews was typical of the Polish shtetl experience. Jews plied the usual trades as merchants, traders and craftsmen, living an insular existence centered around religion and family, while maintaining a correct relationship with their Polish neighbors who relied upon them for many of their goods and services.

While some Klimontover societies (or landsmanshaftn) were active among immigrants and survivors who made it to the States, no yizkor book was ever produced to perpetuate and memorialize their communitys history. This page is a poor and belated effort at doing just that, with the hope that whatever fragments are still salvageable may find their way here for the sake of posterity. We encourage anyone with a recollection, be it in words or in image, to share it with the sites webmaster through the link to the left.


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