From the papers of the late Elimelech Benari, contributed in 2005 by his son, Shmuel.

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The Jews of Kletsk -- Their Destruction and Resistance

Part 1: A 500 Year-Old Community

Part 2: The Soviet Invasion

Part 3: The Germans Arrive; The Cruelty Begins

Part 4: Black Friday

Part 5: The Majority of the Town's Jews are Transported to Their Deaths

Part 6: Establishment Of The Ghetto & Organizing The Revolt

Part 7: Destruction and Uprising

Part 8: Post-War Aftermath

Part 9: Fifty Years Later (1)

Part 10: Fifty Years Later (2): In a City of Ruins

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Eulogy for the Jews of Kletsk

Photos of Kletsk


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