Kimberley, South Africa




There are two Jewish cemeteries in Kimberley.


The old Pioneer Cemetery which is no longer in use


and the West End (or Green Street) Cemetery is still in use.


It is our wish to see that photographs of all the graves in each are available on this site. We have been very fortunate in that two amazing photographers Shawn Benjamin and Jono David have taken beautiful pictures of the gravestones and we are very grateful that they have allowed these pictures to be accessible to us on their websites.  (If you want to purchase any particular pictures from them I am sure they will be pleased to oblige.)

Shawn Benjamin, was born and grew up in Kimberley. He goes back often and has been photographing Jewish history of Kimberley for many years. His pictures which you see above and many more are on his website which is fully searchable and you can look up pictures under the keywords of Kimberley, Jewish, Synagogues, Cemeteries, West End etc.  Shawn has also recorded important and interesting information about each image. Geraldine was delighted to meet Shawn in Cape Town in 2012 – when he immediately offered that his pictures could be on any Kimberley Jewish Community website that we managed to create.  We are very grateful to Shawn for his wonderful images and for his generosity.

Jono David is a British American living in Japan who has taken up on himself to photograph Jewish history across the world. He visited South Africa in February 2014 and took pictures in Kimberley of the synagogue and of all the gravestones in the two cemeteries.

By clicking the links below you can have a fulsome tour of each cemetery:

Kimberley Graves

From the Photo Gallery of Shawn Benjamin,’