Kholmech Sign and Book of Letters
 Bessie's  Letters
Correspondence from Russia
to Bessie Rapoport Schechter
Bessie Schechter in America 1914
Being at long last,
the translation
of those bundled letters,
now torn and faded,
scribed with strange, forgotten strokes,
found after sixty years
in the top drawer of
my grandmother's dresser.
and all that time,
waiting, waiting.
Compiled by her grandson,
Bill Schechter
Second & Final Edition,

This compilation is dedicated to
 the great-grandchildren,
 the great-great grandchildren,
 the great-great nephews and nieces
 of the writers of these letters,
  Ethan Schechter
 Jamie Schechter
 Jesse Schechter
 Sarah Schechter
Your history is before you.

"Do not forget us."
              - Mikhail Rapoport
"Remember that you have brothers and sisters here."
              -Sonya Rapoport
"And everything bad we experience, the beatings and we bent our backs, and we hide ourselves, and we hide our heads, but we are alive...We will see the sun shine and one day the Haggadah will tell our story during a seder."
             - from an unsigned letter, most probably written by Aaron Moishe Rapoport,
                           Grandma Bessie's father


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Letters: Early years
Letters: Middle years
Letters: Later years