Johannesburg, South Africa


The Lions Shul



My Abba ztkllh.h [my father] who was Hachazan Yizchak Rafael Lerman was born in the old city of Jerusalem into a family of chazonim and baalei tefilot  and very musical .My Abba was in the famous rivlin choir and often sang solo and gave concerts as well .My Abba learned chazanut under the famous chazan Mann of operatic  etc ,Was Chief chazan of Herzliah and davened in the shul where chazan leibel glanz was .In 1964 A few weeks before Rosh Hashana my abba came to South Africa and davened in Germiston shul Rosh Hashana and Yom kippur etc and my Abba ztkllh.h got married in the Dooornfontein lion shul ,which chazan Shlomo Mandel and Greenblatt afficated  My Abba was at the lion shul for 3 years  then moved to Glenhazel shul in 1969 and was there for a long time ,but in between davend at various shuls in South Africa 

As my Abba ztkllh.h was a baker as well [the lerman bakery in the old city ,and also my Abba ztkllh.h taught Bar Mitzvah lessons in cheder and taught over 1000 bochrim their bar mitzvah .My Abba did,nt make any tapes  but all the recordings were left in Eretz Yisrael ,but taight people Nusach 

My Abba ztkllh.h was an Excellant chazan and excellant voice and all enjoyed my Abba ztkllh.h chazanut 

My Abba ztkllh.h passed away 9 years ago and is buried on Har Hamenuchot in Givat Shaul in Eretz Yisrael 

As my father comes from as well a chassidic and rabbinical family and was a 5th generation sabra Jerusalemite 

Chaim Lerman

March 2015

Published on Sep 7, 2014

The Lions shul is Johannesburg longest standing congregation.

It is a vibrant, active and dynamic congregation.

The 108 year old synagogue is in pristine condition and the chavershaft is warm and family oriented.

Photos - thanks to Chaim Lerman