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Source: Avot D'Rabbi Natan (The Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan)
Edited by Lhihu ben Avraham (Wilna and Grodno, 1833)
Transliterated by Jim Yarin
Surname Given Name Son of Descriptive
- Eliezer Eizik A Sender -
- Yisrael - HaCohen
- Yosef Benyamin -
Eizen Yakov Y Heshel -
ShternFeld Yosef Yakov -
Shtein Yakov Sh -
Weiss Yosef Yisrael HaCohen
Gomer(?) Moshe Yosef -
- Shlomah Abraham -
Galanty Shmuel M YChD -
- Shlomah Zalkind Abraham LB"M
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