THE FOLLOWING LIST was created by Flora and Herbert Gursky, with some minor changes made by Jim Yarin. The Gurskys surveyed the two New York City Amdur burial areas to obtain the information here. The two areas were owned by the Amdur Benevolent Society: one in the Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, the other in the Mount Judah Cemetery in Ridgewood (Queens). In the original Gursky list, no indication was made as to from which cemetery each of the burials were recorded.

Jim Yarin made a survey of the Beth David Cemetery, only taking down names, and so the Gurskys list was then revised with an additional column to show which burials were in Beth David (BD), and by default, the remainder indicate burial at Mount Judah (MJ). In a few instances, burials recorded by Jim Yarin did not appear on the Gurskeys' list, so that certain "BD" burials do not have genealogical information attached. Note that in many instances gravestones are obstructed or worn from the elements, making transcription difficult.

The relationship abbreviations are H(usband), W(ife), F(ather), M(other), G(rand)M(other), G(rand)F(ather), G- (Great-).

Please send information about corrections or additions to Jim Yarin. The following information may not be protected by copyright, but all other legal protections are reserved to Jim Yarin and Flora and Herbert Gursky.

BD -, Sylvia
BD -, Ethel
MJ Abramsky, Anna S. Yehudit Heine? bat Matityiel? 1/25/85 1/1/70 W, M, GM
MJ Abramsky, Jacob Yaakov ben Chaim 11/18/84 10/30/76 H, F, GF
MJ Abramsky, Janette Sheinke bat Kalman 5/3/03 12/27/91 W, M, GM, G-GM
MJ Abramsky, Joseph Yosef ben Chaim 7/15/65 80 H, F
MJ Abramsky, Max Mordechai ben Chaim 4/21/98 6/8/90 H, F, GF
BD Adelsky, Anna Chana Leah bat Chaim 7/17/67 72 M, GM, G-GM
BD Adelsky, Jacob Yaakov ben Shlomo 2/9/43 21 Son, Brother
BD Adelsky, Sam Shlomo ben Dov 1/1/94 12/31/74 H, F, GF, G-GF
MJ Avnet, Bessie Pesha bat Yosef ha'levi 2/4/54 63 W, M, GM
BD Avnet, Ida Chaya bat Sender 11/4/76 91 W, M, GM, G-GM
BD Avnet, Isidore Evzer? ben Shmuel Zelig ha'Cohen 6/20/03 11/11/73 H, F, GF
BD Avnet, Jacob L. Yaakov Lieb ben Hillel ha'Cohen 9/30/43 62 H, F, GF
MJ Avnet, Max Menachem Mendel ben Arieh Leib ha'Cohen 1/14/56 68 H, F, GF
BD Avnet, Pauline Chaya Peshe bat Avrum 12/20/03 11/25/85 W, M, GM
MJ Bahl, Bernard Gedalyahu ben Mordechai 4/13/25 58 H, F
MJ Bahl, Elizabeth Chaye Leah Etya bat Yitzchak 3/10/31 58 M
MJ Bahl, Max Elimelekh ben Mordechai 4/11/20 57 F
BD -Baum, Evelyn
BD Belman, Rose ? bat Yosef Lieb ha'Cohen 2/10/57 63 M, GM
MJ Berman, Benjamin not available 9/12/95 3/30/93 H, F, GF
MJ Berman, Nettie Nekha bat Moshe 11/26/29 18 Daughter, Sister
BD Berman, Rhea not available 11/11/00 2/15/86 W, M, GM
MJ Bernard, Gussie Gussie bat Elyakim 11/1/76 83 W, Sister, Aunt
BD Bernard, Isidor Yisrael ben Chaim 6/26/63 73 H, Brother
BD Burstein, Harold child's grave, obscured
MJ Chaskes, Hyman (Sgt.) Chaim Bear ben Shmuel 7/7/23 7/4/44 21 Brother
MJ Chaskes, Samuel Shmuel ben Yaakov Betzalel 2/27/36 47 H, F
MJ Cheron, Esther Esther bat Shmuel 9/12/32 58 M
MJ Cheron, Gutman Gutman ben Yaakov Moshe 4/8/55 74 F
MJ Cheron, Michael Yitzchak Mendel ben Gutman 2/11/99 1/14/78 H, F, GF
MJ Cheron, Rita Rivkah bat Yosef 7/15/06 11/18/89 W, M, GM
BD Cohen, Annie Chana bat Yossel Haskel 7/10/75 85 W, M, GM, G-GM
BD Cohen, Ida Chaya Idel bat Shmuel 2/4/14 10/10/73 W, M, GM
BD Cohen, Louis Yehuda Leizer ben Yosef Leib ha'Cohen 7/30/65 74 H, F, GF, G-GF
BD Cohen, Max Mordechai ben Yosef Leib ha'Cohen 5/31/65 59 H, F, GF
BD Cohen, Milton Moshe Pinchas ben Yehuda Leizer 12/5/09 7/3/74 H, F, GF
MJ Cohen, Morris Meier ben Tsevi 7/26/17 27
MJ Cohen, Reuben Reuben Chaim ben Yosef ha'Cohen 7/5/95 7/1/68 H, F, GF
BD? Cohen, Rose Rada bat Shmuel 5/2/54 95 M
BD? Cohen, Rose recent burial, next to Max, H
MJ Cohen, Sarah Sarah bat Benyamin Abraham 12/15/98 6/16/82 W, M, GM, G-GM
MJ Cohn, Annie Chana Gineshe bat Yosef Leib ha'Cohen 1/28/63 75 Sister
MJ Cohn, Irving "Moe" Yisrael ben Yaakov ha'Cohen 6/28/14 4/21/78 Brother, Cousin
MJ Cohn, Jacob Yaakov ben Binyamin 10/4/35 49 H, F
MJ Cohn, Morris Moshe ben Tsevi 6/26/17 27 not photographed
MJ Constan, Barney Dov Bear ben Moshe Tzevi 2/11/29 47 H, F
BD Dichter, Fannie
BD Dicker, David
MJ Edelstein, Isabelle ?? bat Naftali Herz 8/20/02 8/17/47 M, Daughter - also a W, but not noted
BD Effron, Betty Buna bat Yosef 10/21/44 45 W
MJ Effron, Jack Yaakov ben Abraham 3/14/65 72 H
BD Eichner, David David ben Gerson 9/22/97 9/29/65 H, F, GF
MJ Eichner, Esther Esther bat Yosef 9/18/02 9/14/84 W, Aunt, Sister
MJ Eisen, Abraham Abraham ben Moshe 1/20/61 68 H (of Dora)
MJ Eisen, Celia Tzippa ben Yosef 1/8/36 47 W, M
BD Eisen, Dora Devora bat Yitzchak ha'Levi 4/20/53 54 W (of Abraham)
MJ Eisen, Isidore Ezra ben Moshe 6/8/41 68 F
MJ Eisenstadt, Tobias Toviya ben Shmuel 12/9/32 54 H, F
BD Engler, -
BD Engler, Arnold Chaga ben Berel 1/7/34 10/26/93 H, F
BD Feigenbaum, Anna Henna bat Feivel 11/7/11 2/19/86 W, M, GM
BD Feigenbaum, Jack Yaakov Mendel ben Benesh 12/25/04 11/20/80 H, F, GF
BD Fein, Bessie Bashe bat Moshe 1/23/78 81 M, GM, G-GM
MJ Fein, Hyman Chaim ben Leib 4/17/59 66 obscured
BD Fine, Bella Balke bat Yehuda Leib 12/29/71 77 M, GM
MJ Fine, Ethel Ettel bat Meier 10/2/17 6/23/55 Daughter, Sister
MJ Fine, Irma 8/21/36 3/3/37 Daughter
MJ Fine, Meyer Meier ben Zalman 7/29/39 46 H, F
MJ Friedman, Jacob Yitzchak Menachem ben Chaim Chekiel? 10/25/18 29 Brother
BD Friedman, Mary Mera bat Yosef ha'levi 6/19/72 79 W, M, GM, G-GM
BD Friedman, Samuel Shalom ben Mordechai 6/15/83 92 H, F, GF, G-GF
BD Gassner, Rose
BD Glanbach, Charles
BD Goldberg, Harry Naftali ben Meier Yitzchak 9/24/67 88 H, F, GF, G-GF
BD Goldberg, Isabel Edelstein
BD Goldberg, Lillie Saleva? Leah bat Naftali 3/3/62 83 W, M, GM, G-GM
BD Goldberg, Minnie Mindel bat Natan ben Asher 1/1/97 12/19/90 M, GM, G-GM
BD Goldberg, Naftali Hirsh
BD Goldberg, Pauline not inscribed on stone 3/28/07 3/26/91 Daughter, Sister, Aunt
MJ Goldman, Philip Shraga Feivel ben Yitzchak 12/19/77 H, F, GF
MJ Greenfield, Albert Eliyahu ben Yehuda Leib 9/16/13 6/22/71 H, F, GF
MJ Greenfield, David David ben Abraham 9/23/00 9/16/84 H, F, GF, G-GF
MJ Greenfield, Edith Heike bat Tsevi Dov 6/20/06 5/30/85 W, M, GM, G-GM
MJ Grossman, Pauline Pesya bat Yitzchak 12/1/22 30 M
BD Heckstein, Benjamin Beril ben Arieh Leib 7/4/58 70 F, GF
BD Heckstein, Jennie Asnah bat Dov 6/15/46 56 W, M
MJ Hendenson, Eva Chana? bat Shabtai 9/11/18 25 M
BD Herman, Bennie
MJ Jellinger, Esther Esther bat Chaim Feivel 7/25/63 83 W, M, GM
MJ Jellinger, Max Mordechai ben Moshe 10/6/59 83 H, F, GF
MJ Kaminer, Irving Yitzchak ben Fishel ha'Cohen 10/6/12 4/1/91 H, F, GF
BD Kaplan, Abraham
MJ Kaplan, Esther Esther Riva bat Eliyahu 12/16/64 74 W, M
MJ Kaplan, Fannie Faiga Shifrah bat Alter Moshe ha'Cohen 9/12/71 82 W, M, GM, GGM
MJ Kaplan, Louis Shmuel Eliezer ben Avraham ha'Cohen 6/19/55 65 H, F
MJ Kaplan, Morris Moshe Chaim ben David ha'Cohen 4/18/61 74 H, F, GF, GGF
BD Kaplan, William Ze'ev benYechiel 1/1/17 60 H, F
MJ Karbelsky, Abraham Avraham Aharon ben Moshe Yisrael 3/20/46 82 F
MJ Karbelsky, Mary Miryam bat Meier 4/30/41 80 M
MJ Karp, Aaron Ahron ben Abraham Yosef ha'Cohen 1/1/94 12/31/62 H, F, GF
MJ Karp, Rachel Rachel bat Matityahu 1/1/00 12/31/71 W, M, GM
MJ Kassof, Edward Yudel ben Gabriel 7/21/14 4/19/91 H, F, GF
MJ Kaufman, Anna Chana bat Avraham 4/9/00 12/26/89 W, M, Bubbie, GGM
MJ Kaufman, Louis Arieh Leib ben Shmuel Moshe 12/26/36 43 H, F
BD Keller, Hellen H.
BD Keller, Lena
BD Keller, Rose
BD Keller, Ruth
MJ Kiel, Jack Yaakov Bear ben Shlomo Yitzchak 8/31/64 67 H, F
MJ Kiel, Mamie Malkah bat Moshe Yitzchak 12/15/97 8/10/71 W, M, GM, G-GM
MJ Kiel, William Ahron Wolf ben Shlomo Yitzchak 1/15/92 4/4/70 H, F, GF, G-GF
MJ Kleinberg, Anna Elkah bat Avraham 9/20/42 57 W, M, GM
MJ Kleinberg, Charles 10/12/65 85 H, F, GF, GGF
MJ Koletsky, Abraham Avraham Yehuda ben Shlomo Binyamin 7/23/41 64 F
BD Koletsky, Zelda Zelda bat Tsevi 4/3/49 73 M
BD Kraft, Mary Miryam bat Ze'ev Wolf 5/5/56 62 W, M, GM
BD Kraft, William Velvel ben Hersh 6/9/64 74 H, F, GF
BD Kuperschmit, Rubin
MJ Lass, Celia Simmeh bat Tsevi Hersh 5/16/45 59 M
MJ Lass, Gussie Chana Golde bat Yitchak ha'Cohen 6/24/98 10/19/77 W, M, GM, GGM
MJ Lass, Harry Tsevi Dov ben Jeremiah 6/1/42 75 F
MJ Lass, Irving Yitzchak ben Arie 10/19/25 2/6/27
BD Lass, Jennie not available 2/5/66 83 W, M
MJ Lass, Joseph Yosef ben Jeremiah 11/8/50 70 F
MJ Lass, Louis Arieh Leib ben Txevi Dov ha'levi 4/8/93 10/22/73 H, F, GF, GGF
MJ Lass, Samuel Shmeya? ben Jeremiah 3/9/50 73 F, GF
BD Lass, Samuel P. not available 1/17/56 70 H, F
MJ Lass, Sarah Sarah Ettel bat Meier 3/15/42 70 M
MJ Lass, Tillie Toibah bat Yaakov Lieb 1/7/37 53 W, M
BD Lassoff, David David Michael ben Naftali Hertz 11/2/66 77 H, F, GF
MJ Lassoff, Mary Sheina Meri bat Yekutiel 10/29/52 64 W, M, GM
BD Lefkowitz, Eva Henka bat Tsevi Hersh 2/15/92 4/12/68 M, GM
BD Lefkowitz, Morris Moshe ben Tsevi Hersh 6/15/89 9/28/46 H, F
BD Lehrer, Bernard Benyamin ben Moshe 10/22/92 1/28/74 H, F, GF, G-GF
BD Lerch, Ephraim
MJ Levin, Rae not available 3/12/96 6/28/55 W, M
BD Levin, Samuel not available 7/26/89 1/13/74 H, F, GF, G-GF
BD Levine, Bella Belki 10/26/56 65 W, M, GM
MJ Levine, Charles Chaskel Avram? ben Shlomo ha'Levi 5/10/13 3/8/88 H, F
MJ Levine, David Shmuel David ben Yechezkel 7/17/38 38 H, F
BD Levine, Doris Duba? bat Yitzchak 2/23/50 39 W, M
BD Levine, Harry
BD? Levine, Hyman not available 7/10/36 52 Brother
BD? Levine, Hyman Chaim ben Eliyahu 12/26/47 55 H, F
BD Levine, Ida Chaya Rachel bat Meier 9/3/40 69 M
MJ Levine, Julius Yudel 6/27/70 83 F, GF, G-GF
MJ Levine, Lou Leizer ben Shlomo ha'Levi 1/1/20 12/31/67 H, F
MJ Levine, Mary Mirkah bat Beril ha'levi 12/18/43 80 M
MJ Levine, Max Mordechai ben Yehuda Leib ha'levi 4/28/03 10/18/73 H, F, GF
MJ Levine, Nathan Noach ben Shmuel 5/9/34 48 F
BD Levine, Ruth Reizel bat Yudel 5/15/55 32 Daughter, Sister
MJ Levine, Sam 7/1/85 8/31/67 not photographed
MJ Levine, Sarah Chaya Sarah bat Leib 3/17/49 84 M
MJ Levine, Tillie 12/18/86 4/30/69 see Sam Levine
MJ Levitt, Jacob Yekutiel ben Yosef 6/27/42 50 H, F
BD Levy, baby 7/8/48
BD Levy, baby 3/9/54
MJ Levy, Blossom Batya Shifrah bat Meier 6/29/26 6/5/87 W, M, GM
BD Levy, Molly Malkah bat Abraham 8/3/98 9/13/83 M, GM, G-GM
MJ Lewin, Jack Yaakov Chanach ben Yehuda Leib 9/5/60 64 H, Brother
BD Lewin, Jerome B. Yehuda Dov ben Meier 7/20/35 3/4/44 Son, Brother
BD Lewin, Mary
BD Lewin, Meyer Meier ben Yehuda Leib 2/1/42 41 H, F
MJ Lewin, Shirley not available 7/2/07 1/10/27 W
BD Lewinsohn, Essie Esther bat Chaim 12/14/88 8/12/60 Sister, Aunt
MJ Liebowitz, Pauline Sarah Pessa bat Benyamin 11/17/82 9/11/71 W M, GM, Sister
BD Linar, Jeanne Chana bat Yoel 5/31/64 W, M
MJ Lubitz, Daniel Daniel ben Yaakov Arieh 5/30/17 26 H, F
MJ Mandelbaum, Louis Leibush ben Hershel 4/18/13 11/11/82 H, Brother, Uncle
MJ Mandelbaum, Rose Rachel Leah bat Tsevi Dov 9/13/83 W, Sister, Aunt
BD Meyers, Charlotte Zelta bat Yitzchak 1/10/46 41 W, M
MJ Meyerson, Libby Liebe bat Shmuel 12/15/56 80 M, GM
BD Meyerson, Meyer Meier ben Michal 8/9/63 H, F, GF
BD Meyerson, Miriam Miryam bat Yaakov 1/15/66 7/2/53 M, GM
BD Meyerson, Pauline Perl bat Abraham 12/21/76 72 W, M, GM
MJ Myerson, Hyman Chaim Bear ben Mordechai 8/23/43 61 H, F
BD Millner, Edith
MJ Nachby, Becky Ruchel Leah bat Yisrael Yehuda 10/23/61 70 W, M, GM
BD Nachby, Meyer Meier ben Shmuel Chaim 9/11/63 75 H, F, GF
MJ Nakdimen, Hyman Chaim ben Ze'ev Alter 2/16/32 16 Son, Brother
BD Nekrutman, Anna recent burial 1993/1994
BD Nekrutman, William Ze'ev Wolf ben Ahron Benyamin 3/15/51 55 H, F
MJ Netskin, Esther Esther bat Levi 11/1/52 57 W, M
MJ Netskin, Gittle (?) 11/1/52 57 not photographed
BD Netskin, Harry Yitzchak Asher ben Yisrael Arie ha'Cohen 8/3/75 89 H, F
BD Panzer, Hyman Shlomo ben Raphael 4/23/94 12/29/80 H, F, GF, G-GF
BD Panzer, Mary Miryam bat Tsevi 8/23/94 1/5/91 W, M, GM, G-GM
BD Pearl, Dinah
MJ Petritzer, David Ben David Ben ben Chaim Shlomo Bebel? 6/23/27 11/19/30 Son
BD Portnick, Izzy (Isadore) Yitzchak ben Chaim Shalom 12/19/59 66 H, F
BD Preschel, Kamiel
BD Preshcel, Max
BD Preschel, Yetta R.
BD Preshel, Thonas L.
MJ Price, Harry Hersh ben Meier ha'Cohen 2/11/50 80 F
MJ Price, Lena Rachel Leah bat Sholom 1/18/26 48 M
MJ Rabinowitz, Bernard Beril ben Avraham Lieb 2/8/31 8 Son
BD Rabinowitz, Lena Leah bat Hyman 2/13/39 41 W, M
MJ Rabinowitz, Thelma Tovah bat Yaakov 6/20/31 5 Daughter
MJ Raizer, Marlene D. Mindel Devorah bat Shmuel 6/8/57 10/25/73 Daughter, Sister
MJ Randell, Helen nee Grossman Hasheh bat Chaim Yaakov 7/19/32 20 Daughter
MJ Reidensen(?), Eva Chaya bat Shabbtai 9/11/19 25 M
MJ Rich, Mary Lewin Merke bat Noach 10/15/02 3/22/79 W, M, GM
MJ Rogachefsky, Julia Yehudit bat Moshe Aharon 2/9/16 42 M
MJ Rogers, Daniel Daniel ben Yoel 12/15/92 5/1/61 H, F, GF
MJ Rogers, Harold Hershel ben Daniel 1/25/22 5/14/82 Son, Brother, Uncle
MJ Rogers, Ida Chaya bat Chaim 1/1/94 3/13/80 W, M, GM, GGM
MJ Rogers, Julius Yoel ben Tzevi Hersh 2/9/37 71 F
BD Rogers, Leo Areih Leib ben Tsevi Hersh 12/1/05 8/8/83 H, F, GF
BD Rogers, Rose L. Rachel bat Chaga Bear 1/23/03 10/4/76 W, M
MJ Rosen, Carl Koresh ben Jerachmiel 2/24/30 56 H, F
MJ Rosen, Ida Chaya bat Binyamin 8/26/32 51 M
MJ Rosenberg, Charles 1/7/19 30 F, H
MJ Rosenberg, Murray Moshe ben Yechezkel 12/6/14 11/20/83 H, Uncle
BD Rothman, Irving (Shrullie) Yisrael ben Zelig 4/21/22 12/6/85 H, Daddy, Grandpa
MJ Rothman, Louis Leib ben Berel 8/4/99 5/7/82 H, F, GF, GGF
BD Rothman, Ron Reuben Gabriel Chaim ben Yisrael 12/10/54 5/6/92 Son, Brother, Uncle, Lover, Friend
BD Rothman, Rose Reva bat Yosef 7/1/86 M, Bubbie, G-GM
MJ Rubinstein, Anna Hinda bat Sander ha'Cohen 6/21/33 63 M, GM
MJ Rubinstein, Sam Zecharya ben Reuven 6/10/23 55 H, F
MJ Rudner, Joseph Gedalya ben Ori 1/11/41 52 H, F
MJ Sacks, Ida Chaya bat Shmaryah 2/7/32 52 W
MJ Sacks, Joseph Yosef ben Abba 1/1/88 12/31/38 H, F
MJ Scheinberg (/), baby
BD Schwartz, Reuben Reuben ben Yitzchak 5/13/81 85 H, Brother, Uncle
BD Schwartz, Sylvia Sarah Chana bat Nachman 4/18/63 61 W, Daughter, Sister, Aunt
MJ Shalkofsky, Julius Yudel ben Yosef 5/10/51 67 F
MJ Shalkofsky, Rose Esther Reizel bat Yosef 7/8/52 67 M
MJ Sheinberg, Gussie Gitel bat Avraham Aharon 2/12/68 71 W, M, GM
MJ Sheinberg, Pearl Perel bat Shmuel 4/25/25 4/29/36 Daughter, Sister
MJ Sheinberg, Sam Shmuel ben Eliezer 4/1/59 64 H, F, GF
MJ Shelden, Mae Minna bat Shabtai 7/23/93 W, M, Nanny
MJ Shelkowsky, Benjamin Binyamin ben Efrayim Simcha 12/1/39 68 H, F
BD Shelkowsky, Frank S. Efrayim Simcha ben Benjamin 4/5/06 1/17/72 H, F, GF
BD Shelkowsky, Hannah Hannah ben Noach ha'Cohen 7/27/15 M, GM
MJ Shelkowsky, Masha Lea Masha Leah bat Abba Leib 6/29/52 74 M
BD Siegel, Mollie Mashe bat Yitzchak 3/6/55 56 M
BD Simon, first Name :Unknwon
BD Simon, Ethel Itke Sime bat Moshe ha'Levi 11/14/02 5/2/89 W, M, GM, G-GM
BD Simon, John Chaga ben Moshe 9/10/56 62 H, F, GF, Brother
MJ Singer, Betty Breindel bat Zecharya 1/28/57 64 W, M, GM
MJ Singer, Samuel Shalom ben Levi 10/9/54 65 H, F, GF
MJ Sirote, Marsha Masha bat Meier 9/25/43 68 M
MJ Sirote, Sam Shlomo ben Binyamin 8/17/34 63 H, F
MJ Smith, Seidel Moshe Binyamin ben Yaakov 11/23/29 52 H, F
BD Solomon, Gutman Gutman ben Efrayim Simcha 2/15/38 60 H
BD Somer, Frances
MJ Stein, Julius Yudel ben Gedalyahu Meier 3/20/41 54 H, F
MJ Stein, Yetta Etke bat Shlomo 5/27/74 78 W, M, GM, GGM
MJ Strauss, Sarah nee Kleinberg Sarah bat Yechezkel 6/6/34 24 W
BD Sunshine, Louis Leizer ben Mordechai 1/17/40 49 Brother
MJ Swiss, Ray Rachel bat Gedalyahu 10/22/94 12/4/92 W, M, GM, GGM, Sister
MJ Swiss, Solomon Solomon ben Avraham 10/25/38 47 H, F
MJ Tarloff, Sam Shabbtai ben Efrayim 8/1/28 39 F
MJ Tarrow, Mary Meri Alte bat Tsevi Dov 11/4/59 52 W, M, GM
MJ Tarrow, Meyer Ahron Meier ben Yosef Chaim 3/9/57 50 H, F, GF
MJ Tarrow, Rae Rivkah bat Yosef Chaim 12/7/63 Sister, Aunt
MJ Terens, Abraham Abraham Toviya ben Hershel 4/26/56 86 F, GF
MJ Terens, Nettie Nekhah bat Moshe 10/20/32 59 W, M
BD Thomas, Diana Dina bat Yaakov 12/15/07 12/15/79 W, M, GM
BD Thomas, Murray Moshe Ahron ben Yitzchak 7/18/05 1/4/68 H, F, GF
MJ Thomashefsky, Isadore Yitzchak ben Tsevi Hersh 1/31/46 70 F
MJ Tolchinsky, Morris Moshe Lieb ben Yaakov Yosef 11/19/21 9/17/86 H, F, GF, Brother
MJ Tolchinsky, Ruth Rivkah bat Yechezkel 4/13/23 5/26/72 W, M, Sister
MJ Trichter, Alice Itte bat Michael 10/8/20 4/2/82 W, M, GM
BD Tropper, Hannah
BD Tuchman, Fannie Feigel bat Eliyahu 5/20/75 M, GM, G-GM, W of Harry
BD Tuchman, Harry Hersh Reuben ben Chaim 12/17/53 66 H, F, GF,H of Fannie
BD Vogel, Mayer
MJ Waks, Bessie Basha bat Moshe 10/10/91 93 W, M, GM, G-GM
MJ Waks, Martin Matityahu ben Arieh Leib 2/28/83 83 H, F, GF, G-GF
BD Weiner, Eva Chava bat Shmuel 6/4/43 48 W, M
BD Wiesel, Samuel
BD Wilder, Morris
BD Zabner, Julia Yehudit bat Mordechai Ahron 7/25/28 10/17/90 W, M
BD Zabner, Marc Jay Meier Yaakov ben Zalman 7/5/53 4/14/61 Son, Brother, Grandson
BD Zipkowsky, Hyman Chaim ben Abraham Meier 5/1/43 62 H, F
BD Zipkowsky, Rebecca Beila bat Moshe 2/26/74 87 M, GM
MJ Zuck, Barnett not available 5/25/93 8/17/72 H, F, GF
MJ Zuck, Meyer Meier ben Litah? 10/29/55 68 H, F, GF
MJ Zuck, Ray not available 2/1/99 3/31/81 W, M, GM, G-GM
MJ Zuck, Sarah Chana Sarah bat Yehuda Leib 10/4/78 85 W, M, GM, GGM
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