Grodno, Belarus


Ginzburg Family


From: Monroe Ginzburg

18 December 2016

Hi Eli, 

My great grandfather was Szebzel (Shefti) Ginzburg.  He was married to my great grandmother Rivka (Rachel) Ginzburg.  Her maiden name may have been Galperin.  Their children were Abe, Asher (Charles), Joseph, David and Moishe (Morriis). All sons except David emigrated to the US. David married Luba Weller.  They had 2 children, Sheva and Samuel (Muni).  

They had a summer house in Lasosna, just outside of Grodno.

David and Luba Ginzburg lived at Miesna

15 along with David and Luba Weller. The Weller family was in the beer business.

There are some photos in a park. The statue is that of a famous poetess who was very popular among the Jews of Grodno.  I don’t remember her name.

 David Ginzburg and his family was last heard from in 1939 just before the Soviets came into what was then Poland.  We don’t know if they were murdered, sent to Siberia or they escaped to the East.  

I am looking for any descendants of family members of the GINZBURG, GALPERIN and WELLER families.

If anyone recognizes anyone in the photos or knows their family, please contact me at

Thank you for putting this site together. 

Best wishes