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Rabbi Aiziksin
Among the well known Harlau's Rabbis were: rabbi Chaim Yitzhak Aizikson; born in Harlau around the eighties of the 18th century. Known as an enthusiastic Hasid and stayed in the righteous Rabbis courts. Passed away at 72 years old.


Israel Aizikson
Born around 1840 and wrote a book by the name "The Good Deeds Keeper". He also took part in Zionist activities and in 1882 he traveled to Paris to convince Baron Rothschild to donate money for establishing a settlement in Eretz Israel for the Jews from the Dorohoi and Botosani districts. Rabbi Israel Aizikson was the grandfather of Michael landau, a former delegate in the Romanian parliament and later the Head of the local lottery in Israel.

Rabbi Menachem Nachum Buchner
author of the book "Saying Amen"
contributed by Esriel Sternbuch, Rabbi Buchner's gggrandson. Hirlau 1888

Dan Butnariu
1951-2008 Butnariu was born in Hirlau, Romania on February 1, 1951. He studied at University 'Al. I. Cuza' in Iasi, received his PhD in 1980 under Irinel Dragan, and continued to teach there until 1983. He immigrated to Israel in 1984, and was a post-doctoral fellow at the Weizmann Institute of Science until 1986, when he moved to the University of Haifa. Dan was chair of the Department of Mathematics in 1997-1999, and has held visiting positions in Linz, at the University of Texas, in Rio de Janeiro, and at CUNY. An active researcher in various fields of applied mathematics, he published over 70 papers in approximation theory, convexity, operator theory, game theory, fuzzy topology, and mathematical economics. Dan had a number of graduate students, and served on the editorial board of several journals. He was a member of the AMS since 1985.

Horia Carp
The Jewish journalist Horia Carp was born in Harlau (1869). He was a delegate to the Senate in the years between the two world wars. Also noted is Dr. L. Abeles, president of the congregation and of the Zionist Movement in Harlau and his son Dr. W. Abeles (1903), later the general manager of the Health Organization in Jerusalem and the Israeli ambassador to Columbia (1960-1963) and to Costa Rica

Samuel Haber
Samuel Loeb Haber(1903-1984) was born to Yehuda Arie and Etta Haber on October 12, 1903 in Hirlau, Rumania. In 1911, at the age of eight, Samuel emigrated to the United States with his widowed mother, two brothers, and two sisters. The family settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Sam and his brothers, William and Frank, helped support the family by selling newspapers. Trained as an economist, Haber worked in the Statistical and Reporting Division of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in Washington, D.C. from 1935 to 1942, then as Chief Statistician for post-war planning with the Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation. From 1943 to 1946 he served in the United States Army, finishing as a military government officer in Germany and holding the rank of Major. In March of 1947, Samuel Haber joined the staff of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) as director for the American Occupation Zone of Germany, later adding responsibility for the remainder of Germany, as well as Austria. For the next seven years he directed the JDC in Germany and Austria giving social, economic and cultural aid to nearly 200,000 Jewish displaced persons (DPs). Haber developed and directed programs to assist in the DPs' rehabilitation and emigration to Israel, the United States and other friendly countries.

Willliam Haber
(1899-1988) was an economist who helped Jewish refugees after World War II as an adviser to the United States armed forces and for 25 years after that as president of the American Organization for Rehabilitation Through Training Federation, Dr. Haber was active in Michigan government, serving as the director of the state's relief efforts in the Depression and on several panels, including one that spearheaded major changes in the state's tax system in the early 1960's

Carol Iancu
Born Hirlau 1946. Iancu left Romania in 1963 and finished his M.A at the Hebrew University. Received his Ph.d In France and is now Prof for History and director of Jewish Studies at Montpellier University


Carp Koral
Born in Hirlau 29.1.1943 while father was imprisoned at a labor camp. Only son to Strul and Betty Carp. Family made Aliyha 1961. Fell in Jerusalem in 7.6.1967. Donner – Moshe ABIR [abir_eat@keh.co].

Rabbi Rabinovici
Between the years 1916-1944  Rabbi Mendel Rabinovitz presided. His Father Rabbi Meir, and grandfather, Rabbi Yosef, were Rabbis in Harlau before him.

Mordecai (Markus)Sandberg
(February 4, 1897 - December 28, 1973) was a composer and physician. He was born in Hârlau, a town in Moldavia, Romania on February 4, 1897. He died in Toronto, Canada on December 28, 1973. Sandberg was a creative and prolific composer, a musical theorist, and an innovative physician in the area of alternative ne[citation needed]in 1920s and 1930s Palestine

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