Lea Haber Gedalia  Hirlau Kehila Coordinator

Hirlau, Romania

(also Harlau)

Location: 47°26' 26°54',  210.7 miles N of Bucuresti
Iasi Judtel (County), Moldavia Region


Nearby Jewish Communities

  • Frumusica 7 miles N
  • Pascani 15 miles SSW
  • Tīrgu Frumos 17 miles SSE
  • Podu Iloaiei 23 miles SE
  • Botosani 24 miles NNW
  • Bivolari 26 miles ENE
  • Falticeni 28 miles W
  • Stefanesti 29 miles NNE
  • Tīrgu Neamt 30 miles WSW
  • Iasi 38 miles ESE

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People of Hirlau

One of the Last Jewish Families of Hirlau - 1994

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Jewish History of Hirlau

Hirlau Jewish Heritage
1994 Jewish Family
Picture from JDC Archive, If anyone recognizes them please contact the web master
Records and Data Bases:
Hirlau Cemetery Records (PDF file)

PT Submitters

Immigration from Hirlau (PDF file)

Old Journal Records

Civil Records

Jewishgen Communities Database - Hirlau

More Cemetery Photos

Rabbis Hill


More Synagogue Photos

Hirlau Synagogue


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