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Growing Up in Tientsin Book Front Cover.
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Growing Up in Tientsin by Bob Sitsky documents the migration of the Sitsky and Toper families from Russia to China and presents memories from the author’s childhood, as well as information on 70 years of Russian-Jewish life in northeastern China.  The chapters “Jewish Life in Tientsin,” “Chinese Servants and Tradesmen,” and “Newspapers and Other Services” are excerpted here with the author’s permission.

More photos from the Sitsky and Toper families on this site can be viewed at:
     Sitsky and Toper Family Photos from Harbin, Tientsin and Environs.

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Excerpts from Growing Up in Tientsin by Bob Sitsky:

Chapter 18, Chinese Servants and Tradesmen

Chapter 19, Newspapers and Other Services in Tientsin

Chapter 22, Jewish Life in Tientsin

The entire text of the book and its cover can be viewed at these links:

Growing Up in Tientsin, Book Cover (2.2 MB)    Growing Up in Tientsin, Complete Text (28.8 MB)

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