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The Sino-Israel Research and Study Center, was established in 2002 at the Heilongjiang University, School of Western Studies, in Harbin, China. In 2003 the Sino-Israel Research and Study Center established formal relationship with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for exchanging Doctoral candidates who will conduct their research in Harbin.

The Sino-Israel Research and Study Center in Harbin aims at:

a. Conducting extensive research on the history of the Jewish communities in China, their members' personal experiences as well as their daily lives, and their social, cultural, economic, and political experiences.

b. Conducting an extensive study on the circumstances that led Jews to settle in China with a particular interest on the unique Harbin Jewish community.

c. Publish articles, reports, and documentary films on all aspects of the Jewish communities' functions, interactions with other communities, political and social decision-making processes, relationship with the authorities, influences both from within and out, as well as the unveilings of any data and information not reported.

d. Help Chinese in all levels learn and create a true and realistic image of the Jewish People, their history, achievements, and place. Deepen the cultural, social, and economic exchange between China, Israel, and Jewish People around the world.

e. Stage exhibitions, and produce documentary films on the history of the Jews in China.

The Sino-Israel Research and Study Center in Harbin collects materials such as photos, tapes, films, personal files including letters, personal relics and remnants, all items that remain from a past era, and mementos, official documents, newspapers and books related to Jews who lived in Harbin and in other parts of China.

Harbin Photos from Early 1900s

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Contact Information 
All materials or inquiries should be forwarded to:

Prof. Dan Ben-Canaan
Director, Sino-Israel Research and Study Center
Heilongjiang University, School of Western Studies
No. 74 Xuefu Road, Nangang District, Harbin 150080 PR China
Prof. Dan Ben-Canaan (Home)
Prof. Dan Ben-Canaan (University)
Mobile: (00-86) 13845184401
Office: (86-451) 86608242 
Fax: (86-451) 82625540

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