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Detailed Russian Map of Harbin -- 1938

Courtesy of Archie Ossin

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Harbin in 1898
Here is a translation of the numerical key at the bottom left of the Russian language map of Harbin. The numbers in the key correspond to sites on the map in existence when the city was founded in 1898.

  1. Main square and first Russian settlement
  2. Main office for the management of the construction of the Chinese Eastern Railway located in the Sian Fan factory building
  3. A primitive road that was the only path to the Sungari River in 1898
  4. Small fortress named Impan
  5. Small neighborhoods
  6. Small neighborhoods
  7. Small neighborhoods
  8. Coastal road
  9. Shrine in the shade of a grove
  10. Village
  11. Sindigan farm
  12. Laxanten village
  13. Farm
  14. Large village which later merged with the city
  15. Small grove
  16. Small grove
  17. Big lake where ducks swim
  18. A field sown with poppies

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