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Raii and Nathan Clurman Family Photos

These photos were provided by Don Clurman, son of Harry Clurman and grandson of Raii and Nathan Clurman.
Don gave his permission in September 2015 to print them here.

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Nishniodinsk, Siberia.  Rebecca (Galinpol) Warshavsky.  Mr Warshavsky. 
Before moving to Harbin, members of the Warshavsky family were included in this unusual group photo taken in Nishniodinsk (now Nizhneudinsk) in the Irkutsk District of Siberia.  Rebecca (Galinpol) Warshavsky and Mr. Warshavsky (first name unknown) were the parents of Raii (Warshavsky) Clurman. The Warshavsky family was in the lumber and fur business in Nishniodinsk (now Nizhneudinsk), in the Irkutsk District of Siberia before moving to Harbin. 
Raii & Nathan Wedding,1922.  Raii, Nathan & Harry Clurman, 1920s.  Ruvim (Charles), Sylvia (Tziva) Clurman and Harry Clurman
Raii Warshavsky (1901-1962) and Nathan (Natan) Clurman (1884-1968) were married in Harbin in 1922 and lived at 20 Konnaya Street (now Dongfeng Street). Born in the District of Kamenets Podolsk, Russia (now Ukraine), Nathan Clurman worked as a retail shoe merchant in Harbin. He was the brother of Isak Grigori Clurman, also of Harbin. Raii was born in Nishniodinsk (now Nizhneudinsk), in the Irkutsk District of Siberia.  Raii and Nathan Clurman pose with their son Harry Clurman, who was born in Harbin in 1923. The family emigrated from Harbin to San Francisco, California, in the mid-1920s.

Nathan Clurman & Raii Warshavski Marrige Certificate, Old Synagogue, Harbin, 14 Mar 1922

Harry Clurman, far right, is shown with his first cousins Charles (Ruvim) Clurman and Sylvia Clurman (later Epstein), shortly before Harry left Harbin for California.

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