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Harbin Photographs from the Bach Family

Courtesy of Sandra Bach Hayes, daughter of Al Bach

Fanny Berger Bach came from Far Eastern Russia near Irkutz, where she and her three orphaned sisters were raised by a foster family.  Fanny met her husband Morris (Mar) Bach, also from Russia , on a train -- possibly the train to Harbin.  They were married in China and had five children: Abrasha, Al (originally Louva), Sarah, Morris (originally Moses) and Mark.  In Harbin, Morris (Mar) Bach ran a slaughterhouse.

The whole family moved to California in the 1930s and settled around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Morris (Mar) Bach Sarah Bach in 1926 Al Bach
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Morris and Fanny Bach shortly after their marriage From left, Bach children Morris, Sarah and Mark Mark Bach on a ship to the United States
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Fanny and Mark Bach, front row; back row Morris and Sarah Bach Abrasha Bach Bach children, from left, Abrasha, Al, Sarah and Moses (Morris)
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Bach cousin Leo Rogalsky in Harbin Bach cousin Elsie in “Ukrainian” costume in Tsingtao , 1927 Mark Bach in student uniform
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Mark Bach Sarah Bach, 2nd row, 3rd from left, in 1920 class photo Morris Bach, center, with sons Moses (Morris) and Mark
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Czar’s Army soldiers on a march,
location unknown, in August 1917 --
Harbin family friend Rifkin on far left

Bach family slaughterhouse in Harbin Bach family slaughterhouse in Harbin
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Fanny Bach and cow Fanny Bach and daughter Sarah Al Bach

Permission to print these photographs was granted by Sandra Bach Hayes in September 2009.

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