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The purpose of this page is twofold. First, to allow anyone who has a story about his family's life in Gura Humorului to post it so other Gura Humorului researchers can enjoy it and learn more about life in Gura Humorului and second, to aid genealogical research. With or without a story, I would like fellow Gura Humorului researchers to submit a list of their Gura Humorului relatives for posting on this page. Please just stick to your Gura Humorului ancestors. Information about your relatives in Israel or the USA won't be useful to your fellow Gura Humorului researchers. As far as the format goes, try to type it out in a fairly condensed form. That way, a researcher could use the Edit/Find function of Internet Explorer to see if he has any relatives on the page. If this doesn't suit you, you could submit it as a picture in a jpg file. I know that some of you have submitted this information to JewishGen databases, but this page will provide one more tool to help us find our Gura Humorului ancestors.

The Silberbusch Family Story
by J. Silverbush

My family came from Zaleshchiki to Gura Humorului before 1864. My great-grandfather Motel was a merchant. My grandfather Sam, an actor, left for America in 1906. His wife Fannie arrived in America with their first child Lazar in 1908. Fannie decided to visit Gura Humorului with Lazar, my father Abraham, and my Uncle Dave. When war broke out in 1914, they weren't able to leave. They were first able to return to the USA in 1920. It was an adventurous period for the boys, with Austrian and Russian troops alternately occupying the town. Of course, it wasn't much fun for Fannie. The boys attended public school, that was taught in the German language. My uncle Dave told me stories about finding hand grenades, and swimming in the Humora river. I'm sorry I didn't question him more closely. I guess that is an important lesson for genealogy and life. Talk to your relatives while they are still here. Uncle Dave told me about the adventure they had getting across war torn Europe to the port of Le Harve so they could return home. There were other branches of the Silverbush family living in many shtetls in Bukovina and Eastern Galicia and I would eventually like to connect them to my branch.

Silberbusch Family in Gura Humorului

 Motel Silberbusch was born 1848 in Zaleshchiki, the son of David Silberbusch and Chaja Sisel.
Motel Silberbusch had 3 children with his first wife Sura Schlome (daughter of Chaem Schlome and Bruehe Krunzdorf):
 Neche, born 1864 in GH, Sami, born 1875 in Frimosa, and Chajem, born 1878 in GH.
Neche Silberbusch married Chaim Steener (son of Elias Steener and Jente) in 1916 and had a child Jetti born in 1898.
Sami (my grandfather) married Fannie Miller and had child Lazar in 1906 (probably in GH), two more children Abraham
 (my father) and Dave born in USA.
Motel Silberbusch married his second wife, Dvora Rosa (daughter of Moise Schwach and Rifka) in 1905 in GH.
 They had eight children.
Berish born 1894 in Kostina, Hinde born 1895 in Kostina, Rifka born 1899 in GH, Henze born 1900 in GH,
 Pesi born 1906 in GH, Gitel born 1915 in GH, David born 1916 in GH and Nehama.
Berisch Silberbusch married Feige Biener (daughter of Efrom Biener and Rifka Salner) in 1923 in GH and they had two
 children, Chaim Bubi born 1920 in GH and Leib born 1925 in GH.
Pessi Silberbusch married Moses Ringel (son of Antal Ringel and Lea Schaffer)1929 in GH and had a child Iankel born
 1936 in GH.
Rifka Silberbusch married Judel Margulies (son on Moses Margulies and Malke Rosenberg) 1924 in GH.


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